2022 Women of Achievement, Metro San Diego Magazine

Erica M. Pinto

Erica Pinto is the chairwoman of the Indian village of Jamul in California. She is a true and effective leader. Throughout the tribe’s history, no other leader has made such significant changes in improving the quality of life of members and neighbors. Her efforts have resulted in more than $ 100 million in public benefit and safety improvements For the San Diego County residents and under its leadership, nearly 1,000 permanent jobs have been created for the tribe and surrounding area. The Tribes of Southern California. She is the Chairman of the Council of South India. Since becoming chairman of JIV, she has led it through significant economic progress on her path to self-reliance. She has led the tribe to overcome 40 lawsuits opposing the construction of the casino. For natives.

Theresa Campbell

Theresa Campbell is the President and CEO of the San Diego County Credit Union. She is an influential and innovative dedicated leader. The impressive combination of SDCCU products and services leads the way to overall credit union successes. And dedication, SDCCU has maintained its position as an industry leader and achieved continued growth and success. In the 11 years it has served as CEO and President, SDCCU has more than doubled its membership from 204,000 in August 2010 to more than 427,000 now. Along with doubling the increase in the number of members, SDCCU’s assets followed suit, growing from $ 5 billion to $ 10.8 billion. SDCCU was successful throughout the difficult COVID-19 period, even when it was affected by rising unemployment in local communities. Its net worth remains exceptional at 14.4 percent, which is well above the minimum capital level of seven percent for “good capital credit unions” established by the National Credit Union Administration. SDCCU was named Public Health Champion Live Well San Diego by the San Diego District and Outstanding Philanthropic Business Corporation.

Ruth-Ann Thorne

Ruth-Ann Thorne is a pioneer businesswoman. She is a true native of the Louisiana Indians. The Luisano couple were hunter-gatherers and moved from place to place often while collecting food for their families. The people of Luisno hunted deer, rabbits and small game, and went fishing in rivers and streams. Louizano women collected acorns, nuts, beans and fruits. Today, these pine nuts and other dry-based plants are part of the ingredients for its new national business venture, N8IV Beauty Skin Care. She is one of the few women chairmen of the indigenous tribes in the country. Under her leadership, she took the economic development arm of the Louisiana Indigenous Tribe, REDCO, and raised it to new heights, while maintaining business growth and prosperity for future tribal generations. The Louisiana Indians have inhabited the Temecula Valley for thousands of years. Thorn takes the rich Louisiana heritage from the past and elevates it to a successful business trade of the future. She also manages the wheel of Rincon Reservation Road. Under her leadership, the brewery has a spacious tasting room open in the center of the valley with its proprietary Louisa capital, now available at many local retailers like Costco, BevMo and others. She is also the single mother of a budding artist, Bella Toren, a high schooler in the center of the valley whose paintings have collectors all the way to Dubai.

Francesca San Diego

Francesca San Diego is the Vice President of Finance and a member of the senior management team at PBO Advisory Group, a leading outsourcing and consulting firm. She works with companies across the region for management and staff of accounting, financial, regulatory compliance, human resources and business consulting projects. Since joining PBO in 2015, it has been vital in managing the company’s growth and the opportunities that come from it, as well as the inevitable challenges. Not only has it been a key player in helping PBO Advisory get the most profitable years since 2018, it has played an integral role in helping rebrand the company, expanding its service offering and making strategic recruitment decisions that have propelled the company in new directions. San Diego has been an integral part of securing PPO loans of over $ 40 million and $ 62 million in employee retention tax refunds for PBO clients. These funds have been used to support many local businesses in San Diego in employee retention and continued business activity during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cheryl Neiman Brachlin

Cheryl Brachlin is an expert in both transactions and litigation work in CGS3 Law. She had just been promoted to senior consultant. CSG3 is a fast-growing commercial real estate law firm. Unlike most law firms, it has sharpened its litigation skills as a “big law” firm in Los Angeles, gaining vital practical experience that has given it common sense, a focused approach The client needed to succeed in the fast paced world of commercial real estate. It brings a competitive advantage to every commercial real estate transaction it works on. Berchlin represents developers, property owners, businesses, investors and tenants in complex real estate transactions and corporations, as well as handles day-to-day litigation operations with high risk for homeowners and financial institutions. She is active in the community and has been a mentor with the Jewish big brothers in Los Angeles, and is a member of the City of Hope. She has won many accolades for her work and has gained recognition among “the ones to expect” from real estate law in America’s best lawyers, and has been honored 40 under 40 by SD METRO magazine.

Patricia Fernan

Patricia Ferman is the chief landscape architect of the city of Chula Vista. It is known for being creative and highly motivated with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing functional and attractive public outdoor spaces using competing principles on the streets, water-saving means and codes and city regulations in a collaborative design process with stakeholders. She was born in El Salvador and was the first in her family to win an academic degree. Her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture is from UC Davis. Its award-winning projects like Third Avenue Streetscape and F Street Promenade are well-known examples of its passion for improving public mobility, creating safe and quality pedestrian environments and conserving precious energy and water resources. Ferman won the Circulate San Diego Complex Streets Award for the F Street Promenade Streetscape Master Plan. Over the past 19 years it has improved the quality of life of people who work and live in Chula Vista.

Daniel C. Humphries

Daniel Humphries is a partner in Hahn Loeser and Parks LLP and she chairs the firm’s San Diego Trusts and Estates practice group. She has gained an incredible reputation as a trusted legal advisor with experience, insight and sophistication. She serves as general counsel for families, and manages a variety of legal issues, including issues related to trust and estate, wealth preservation and protection, philanthropic planning and tax planning. Has extensive experience in representing trustees and enjoys complex trustee and estate management and litigation. Representing its trustees includes advising private trustees and corporations on risk mitigation and their responsibilities and responsibilities in managing trusts and estates. Humphreys is an exceptional role model and supports gender equality in the legal industry. She is a member of a steering committee initiated by the firm’s women leadership and is considered a mentor by women lawyers. She volunteers at Promises2Kids, and is an active board member and chair of the Philanthropy Committee. She most recently won the title of America’s Best Lawyers for Litigation – Trust and Estates, 2021-22. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law.

Lauren Rowley

Lauren Rowley is Stella’s chief financial officer. It has helped fund $ 1.3 million in 14 women-led start-ups over the past year. She knows that women and founders represented in under-representation are largely unfunded, and she faces this difficult problem head-on. Venture-backed start-ups are significantly men (89.3 percent), based in Silicon Valley (35.3 percent and 13.7 percent educated in Ivy). Rowley has focused on laser engagement with more entrepreneurs, investors and community supporters. To date, Stella has raised $ 30 million in funding for women-led start-ups. To help women learn more about the innovative economy and gain access to tools and funding faster, it will host online courses throughout the year. She is a member of the board of Village Up San Diego and a group of young leaders of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas and the School of Management at the University of California, San Diego Rady.

Marlis Cast-Myers

Journalist and author Marlis Cast-Myers has traveled to more than 80 countries and lived in Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Costa Rica. Before settling in Southern California, she completed a surfing and snowboarding trip around the world. After the release of her memoir, “Tabloid Prodigy”, she co-authored over 30 of Fodor’s tour guides, including books on Cancun, San Diego, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru, Los Cabos, Corsica, Riviera Maya, Sardinia, Vietnam and Costa Rica. She served as a press photographer for a Costa Rican surfing guide and put together day and night trips on the Pacific Crest Trail. Currently located in San Diego, she and her husband, Benjamin, live on the historic Betty Crocker Estate, where they run an antique business, Brick n Barn. Her website is www.marlisekast.com.

Sherry Peter

Cherry Pierre has been recognized as one of the most influential leaders in San Diego as the CEO of Computers 2 Kids. Technology Assistance (TAP), scheduled to launch this summer, is the owner of Pierre & Co., a consulting firm that provides entrepreneurs and businesses with the tools and expertise they need to manage their organizational impact capability. Sustainably reserved for large multinational corporations, its global roles in Washington and Germany have included working with the World Bank, the Interbank, VUBI, government ministries and executive offices of the German ambassador. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego State.

Porsche Vogt

As the owner of Golden Care, Porsha Vogt enables seniors in Carlsbad and the province of San Diego to live a safe and happy life in their own homes for as long as they can. Its mission and mission of Golden Care includes assisting family members in caring for the elderly for their loved ones while maintaining their professional and personal lives; Creating a family environment staffed by professional caregivers who make an extra effort to serve the elderly; And increasing the respect and concern for the elderly in our society. She is a Business Administration graduate of the University of Colorado and brings her background in finance and entrepreneurship to the service of seniors and their loved ones through Golden Care.

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