A direct reflection of the heavy times

Wild wild wet

Wild wild wet

A new single and video have been released for Wild Wild Wets’ new track “Say So”, from their first album to be released in four years, Always love. The video was created using vintage video changers from the 1980s to mimic feedback on videotapes, and old CRT screens to create the striped lines and scan. According to co-star Mike Torrey, “Our good friend and producer Jean Carlo Mendez not only made the album happen, he went crazy and put together this wild visual video for ‘Say So’ using old-school analog video techniques. 80s style. And of course his sensitivity is very much our atmosphere, and he and his teammate Brandon Muscura were able to edit this project. ” The album will be available on 180g vinyl “Heart String Pink”, with a limited edition of hand-numbered copies compressed on 180g “Starberry Jelly” vinyl.

Deadline May 27, Always love Recorded at local Singing Serpent Studios by Grammy-nominated engineer Matt Van Allen (Anushka Shenkar) with Emmy-winning video director Jean-Carlo Mendez, and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Gorillas, Pixies), with guest vocalist Shelby Bennett (Baby Bush) , Midnight Pine, Havenauts). Torrey’s first self-animated video will soon be released for the first time for “The Seer.” The album release party takes place on May 21 at the Casbah; Tori says “We can not wait to get lost in the liquid lights with our wild savages”.

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, founded in 2012 by band leader Tim Peltan, specializes in what they call “heavy cinematic soul, spiritual jazz-punk, optimistic afro-punk and rare introverted groove cuts.” The group includes between five and eight musicians or more for concert performances, the group won Best Blues Album at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards and Best Recording at SDMAs 2017. A video streams online to the title track of their fourth full-length song, RdWhich fell on April 1st. According to the band, “Rd It is a direct reflection of the difficult periods in which they were written and documented: Covid-19, two presidential impeachment trials, the assassination of George Floyd, and social unrest as a result, along with a rebellious attempt to undermine the democratic process in the Capitol. ” Post-Millennium like “Time To Rebuild”, “High Times”, “Love Age” and “In Common”.

Grayboy Allstars

Greyboy Allstars first appeared at the Green Circle Bar, where DJ Greyboy toured records and considered forming a band. The current ensemble includes the Rolling Stones saxophonist Carl Danson (who also plays the flute), Elgin Park (guitars), Aaron Redfield (drums), Chris Stillwell (bass) and Robert Walter (keyboards). Their sixth studio album, Get a job: Music from the original broadcast series Soul Dream, Dropped on April 1 through the band’s Knowledge Room Recordings company. A video is streaming online for the second single from the album “Got To Get Me A Job”, a reinvention of Anne Alford’s 1971 solo hit punk taken from the initial 2021 Grayboy Allstars soul dream A live broadcast series that led to the collection. The album was recorded live in a studio during the broadcasts, highlighting ten covers that never came out that they sharpened over three decades of live performances without ever recording, including songs by Gil Scott-Heron, Gene Emmons, the Beatles, Gary Beretz, and Brett Becher.

Tamar Barak

The new edition of the rising singer and songwriter Tamar Barak, “Tragic Endings”, is the second single from her upcoming second album. Start from the end, On April 22nd. The accompanying video shows Barak performing the song outside on a rooftop, along with footage of her traveling on a roller coaster facing the ocean. Her previous single “Your Authority” comes with two different videos, one full production as she plays the song on the piano while her ghost characters show different personality types, while the lyrical video unfolds a similar variable presentation, limited to her close-up abundance of character faces.

Tamar Barak performs in Humphries on Tuesday, April 19, at the San Diego Music Awards (her debut The dreams of restless youth Candidate for Pop Album and Best Album of the Year). The bill includes fellow nominees Mrs. Henry (who is also competing for Album of the Year, along with Best Rock and Clip Album), Thee Sacred Souls and Sully Band (both of whom won Best R&B, Funk or Soul), Slack Key Ohana. (Competing for Best New Artist and Best World Music Album), Riston Diggs (Best Hip-Hop / Rap Album, Best Hip-Hop / Rap Artist and Album of the Year), and Ira Liss Big Band’s Jazz Machine So Best or Blues Album).

Noise requested

Wanted Noise’s Surf-Skete Punks have a new video for their track “Get After It”. The tune comes from their last 13 full-length songs, The Next Generation, Produced and recorded by Defiant Robot Records owner Wade Morris. According to singer-guitarist Suri Sherman, “‘Get After It’ is a hype song about perseverance and the pursuit of your passions. To express that sentiment, the words entering the bridge shout ‘We know, we do not know our chances, and we are still chasing it.’ . Similarly, old-school clips have also recently been produced for the album track “More Sunrises,” which features the band skating around San Diego in search of beer, and for “Clench.”

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