A fight breaks out in a New York court hearing over a woman accused of kidnapping an online date

A scuffle broke out Tuesday in a Manhattan court between relatives of the alleged honey pot sadist, suspected of seducing a man she met on Instagram for a distorted kidnapping and torture plot.

Fighting factions of Valerie Rosario’s family – divided over their support for her – have started a quarrel after being prosecuted in the Manhattan Supreme Court in an indictment accusing her of the February 7 sick plot.

“She’s not keeping an eye on me or my daughter,” Rosario’s sister screamed in the hallway of 111 Center Street.

The woman continued to riot, accusing her 22-year-old sister of breaking into her New Jersey apartment and robbing her.

“And I’m wrong to be here to talk to the prosecutor?” she asked.

The family dispute slipped into the street – where court officers were forced to intervene to prevent things from becoming violent.

Rosario, meanwhile, who appeared at the hearing in beige prison sweat, her hair pulled back into a bun, pleaded not guilty to charges through her lawyer Raymond Loving.

Valerie's sister in the hallway screams as her sister robs her.
Valerie Rosario’s sister accused her sister of robbing her.
Stephen Hirsch
Valerie Rosario
Valerie Rosario appears on trial in the Supreme Court for the alleged crimes.
Stephen Hirsch

District Attorney’s assistant Megan DiBello successfully claimed to have left the accused woman incarcerated without bail.

“This defendant and others abducted the victim for hours, cruelly tortured him and held him for ransom,” DiBello said, recounting the post’s exclusive message last month.

“The victim was seduced into the defendant’s apartment by Ms. Rosario after she spoke to him on Instagram for several months,” DiBello said. “When the victim arrived, Ms. Rosario tried to get him to drink alcohol.”

Rosario lured men to an apartment at 10 Clinton Street No. 10 in Manhattan, New York.
According to the suspicion, Rosario tortured and held the victim in exchange for ransom.
Brigitte Stelzer

Then came three men who whipped the victim with a gun.

“During the night, the men stripped the victim of his clothes, arrested him and put him in the bathtub, where they continued to burn him by lighting a flammable perfume and other liquids on his body, back and legs. They also stabbed him several times with the knife,” the prosecutor continued.

The members then hid the victim, a 24-year-old Bronx man, into the trunk of a car and demanded a $ 100,000 ransom from his brother.

Prosecutors said the young man “barely breathed” when he was found, wrapped in a moving furniture blanket, with a ribbon covering his nose and mouth, inside the pickup truck parked in Queens.

Sources told The Post last month that Rosario, who was arrested on March 10, and the other three patients attacked the victim because they believed he was rich prey.

Valerie Rosario
According to the suspect, Rosario has been interacting with the victim on Instagram for several months before the brutal attack.
Stephen Hirsch
Defendant Rosario's family
Rosario’s family was present in court.
Stephen Hirsch

During Tuesday’s hearing, Rosario’s attorney asked Judge Felicia where to release his client by electronic surveillance.

“I am aware of the fact that Ms. Rosario is facing the court charged with several serious crimes,” Leving said. “However, in Ms. Rosario’s case, the least restrictive alternative to ensuring her return to court is to release her and transfer her to electrical monitoring.”

Loving noted that Rosario was employed at Riverdale Comprehensive Dentistry, a Bronx clinic, at the time of the crime.

Valerie Rosario
According to the suspect, Rosario left the victim barely breathing when police found him.

“The complaint indicates that this incident began at 1:00 a.m. However, her time records show that at 8:49 she went to work,” he added.

The judge replied, “I do not place much value on these records.”

Rosario is due to return to court on June 7.

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