A manhunt is underway for shooting on the Brooklyn subway; Frank R. James was identified as a suspect

SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN (WABC) – A manhunt continues Wednesday morning for the suspect following Tuesday’s mass shooting on the subway at 36th Street Station in Brooklyn.

The attack left at least 29 people shot or injured in another way, shaking a city that is no longer worried about the sharp rise in crime.

A lone gunman “murmured” in a reflective vest and a gas mask threw smoke bombs into a Brooklyn subway car and then began firing at the height of the morning rush hour, with the manhunt continuing into the evening as new details emerged in the investigation.

None of the injured were considered life-threatening. Authorities said a magazine got stuck in a gun, which may have saved lives.

On Tuesday evening, authorities identified Frank R. James, 62, as an interested person in the investigation and posted a photo at a NYPD briefing led by Commissioner Kitchener Sewell.

On Wednesday morning, Mayor Eric Adams said James was no longer just a person of interest and would be considered a suspect and a wanted fugitive down the road.

Police now have a possible reason to arrest James for attempting to murder ten people on the subway, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

This determination was made overnight after more than 18 hours of interrogation that included video, cell phone data and witness interviews.

U.S. marshals joined the search along with New York Police, FBI, ATF and other agencies.

“There was a clear desire to create terrorism,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said this morning (Wednesday). “If you bring a smoke bomb or you bring an automatic weapon with a gas mask and very systematically injured – wounded, attempted to harm – innocent New Yorkers, it’s terrorism.”

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While the cameras at the station did not work, law enforcement officials were able to get a picture of the suspect from a passerby’s cell phone video.

New York police have located a U-Haul pickup truck on King’s Highway in Gravesend, believed to be linked to the shooting.

James rented the U-Haul in Philadelphia and the keys to that pickup were found in the gunman’s belongings left behind at the subway station, said NYPD Detective Chief James Assig. The U-Haul was towed away on Tuesday night.

Sewell also revealed on Tuesday night that additional security will be added to Mayor Adams ‘details due to posts on James’ social media that appear to be highly critical of the mayor due to his homeless policies.

The posts include videos full of racist and sexist insults full of hatred and raging remarks about Mayor Adams’ repression against people living on the subway.

There is a $ 50,000 reward for the arrest of James, who police say had addresses in Philadelphia and Wisconsin.

Mayor Adams appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday and was asked about the manhunt.

“It’s still active. I got a briefing earlier this morning,” Adams told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “We ask all New Yorkers, if they see something they say something – or do something – and that is to notify local authorities or call our hotline.”

Adams also said officials are considering the use of state-of-the-art metal detectors in the city’s subway system to move forward.

“This is not the traditional metal detector you see at airports,” Adams said. “Technology has advanced so much. When you think about it, we have not advanced with technology. Cities … When it comes to better protection of citizens, I am open to any technology.”

Police say the shooting happened on the N train to Manhattan that stopped for quick stops just before 8:30 a.m., and that the suspect was seen mumbling to himself before putting on the gas mask and removing a container from a bag before the car began to fill up. smoke.

Asaig added that between 59th and 36th Street stations, the suspect opened and threw two smoke grenades to the ground and began firing his semi-automatic weapon. The shooter then released the Glock 33 times.

Also in the arena were a 9mm semi-automatic Glock pistol, three extended magazines, an ax, gasoline, four smoke grenades (two were blown up and two were not blown up) and a bag of fireworks for the consumer, and the credit card said he used to hire U-Haul. It is said that the gun was not stolen.

“At this point we still do not know what the motive of the suspect is. It is clear that this person got on the train and there was an intention for violence,” NYPD Commissioner Kitchenette Sewell said at a news conference tonight.

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After passengers spilled onto the platform, anyone unharmed was told to return to the train, which then continued to 25th Street Station in Greenwood Heights.

“That criminal dropped those smoke cans, if that’s what they are, and fired around, and then got out of that spot,” said retired New York Detective Chief Robert Boyce. “He will not stay there if there is smoke there, even if he has the filter mask.”

Shell pods were found on the train and platform along with a pistol with three extended round warehouses. One of those magazines got stuck, which is believed to have saved lives.

Federal officials have determined that the gun used was purchased at a pawn shop in Columbus, Ohio in 2011.

No arrests were made, and schools in the area entered the shelter on the spot while searching. There were tear-jerking encounters after the schools were fired.

Kristin Thorne has more on this angle:

Mayor Adams attended a police briefing almost Tuesday night and also spoke to Eyewitness News on Tuesday evening.

Adams, who remained in quarantine due to a diagnosis of the corona virus, posted a video statement on his various social media accounts.

“We pray for all New Yorkers who have been injured or injured in today’s attack,” he said. “So far, we know we have a large number of injuries, including gunshot wounds … We will not allow New Yorkers to be intimidated even by a single person. New York police are looking for the suspect in the area, and we will find him.”

Officials confirmed that 10 of the victims, aged between 17 and 50, were shot, and five are defined as in a difficult but stable condition. None of the injured are considered life-threatening.

It is not clear if the gunman fled outside the station or into the subway tunnel.

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Governor Kathy Hochul called the suspect “cold-hearted and corrupt” and warned that he remained free and dangerous.

“We do not say more,” she said. “No more mass shooting. No more disrupting life. No more creating heartbreak for people who are just trying to live their lives as ordinary New Yorkers. It must end and it’s over now … Everyone involved has one goal, and that is to stop the madness of these crimes “.

After chaos settled, hospitals reported a total of 29 patients treated for gunshot wounds.

The vast majority, 21, were taken to NYU Langone-Brooklyn and none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

To date, 16 patients have been discharged from NYU. The remaining five patients remain in stable condition.

Five more victims were taken to Maimonides, two of whom are being held overnight for gunshot wounds. The other three victims have already been released.

Governor Hohol spoke outside Maimonides on Tuesday night, thanked law enforcement for identifying a stakeholder and then spoke about a meeting with an 18-year-old victim, a student who was on his way to school and is now awaiting surgery.

“He seems to be doing well, and he is in a very good mood, as are his mother and grandmother who are there,” Kochul said.

Anthony Johnson has more on this angle:

Police examined up to four packages that were initially considered suspicious, but were later determined to be unfounded.

“This morning, Sunset Park passengers were attacked by a pointless act of violence,” Brooklyn District President Antonio Reinoso said. “As always in times of crisis, the people of Brooklyn have experienced the rapid response of our city’s first responders, including the MTA, NYPD and FDNY. I am encouraged to see the Sunset Park community unite in this time of tragedy – Brooklyn stands with “Locals and elected officials as long as more details about the attack are confirmed and the offender is found.”

There have also been subway disruptions across the area across a number of lines.

Trains D, N and R have all returned to make local stops, but continue to skip 36th Street Station. Service B and W remain suspended in both directions. Click here for the latest MTA service updates.

Lucy Young has more about transportation disruptions:

An FBI official says they are assisting the NYPD and that it does not appear to be linked to terrorism at the moment, but the FBI headquarters is following.

The latest incident comes as New York City has faced a flood of shootings and media incidents in recent months, including on the city’s subways. One of the most shocking was in January when a woman was pushed to her death in front of a train by a stranger.

Adams turned the fight against crime, especially on the subway, into the focus of his early administration, and pledged to send more police officers to stations and platforms for regular patrols.

Notice to NYC calls on anyone who cannot reach someone who may have been harmed to call 311. If outside of New York, please call 212-639-9675.

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