A perfect Blue Saturday in northeast Los Angeles

Silver Lake Flea, located in the parking lot of the French restaurant Taix, is full of interesting clothing stalls, unique antique shops and wonderful energy that makes it the perfect stop for your Saturday in Los Angeles. (Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

Too often, students at USC complain that they do not know how to get the most out of their sunny weekends in Los Angeles, because after visiting basic sites in the West like Santa Monica Beach, Melrose and the Grove, what else is there to do? abundance! Los Angeles is a sprawling county full of hundreds of vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique points and personalities.

Your next Saturday necessitates a hipster vacation to northeast Los Angeles – especially to the nearby Silverlake and Luz Brass neighborhoods. These charming suburbs are known for their famous residents, their beautiful homes, tree-lined boulevards and the variety of small businesses. It only takes 20 minutes to travel to the farthest location on your trip with normal traffic load, which means it is definitely worth your time.

Station 1-2: This morning

Start the day bright and early with a thoroughly irradiated face and a full stomach. Maybe a trip to the USC Village Dining Room to order Tatars and Pancakes – on a good day – would be a pleasant way to put in your calories and interrogate with friends about the adventures that had taken place the night before. Then, hop in the car and – if you are not the driver – try to understand the word of the day before you reach your destination.

Silver Lake Flea, 1925 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Your first stop is Wonderful Silver Lake, conveniently located in the parking lot of the French restaurant Taix. A relatively smaller market, it compensates in character for what it lacks in size, and the best part yet, free admission. The space boasts a variety of vendors that sell mostly vintage clothing with housewares and accessories scattered inside. The hipster vibe is strong for such a small amount of square footage, so stock up on some vintage cowboy boots from @ _ pineapple_closet__ on Instagram and a sturdy hat for Coachella. Although it is easy to lose track of time, be sure to save some money and energy for additional shopping.

Los Feliz Flea, 3939 Tracy St, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Then, drive 10 minutes away and cross the city lines to the Flea of ​​Los Angeles. If you have time to visit just one of the two flea markets, this market has more to offer. If you chose to shop on the street instead of in the designated parking lot, keep an eye out for unique garage sales popping up in the quaint and inviting front yards of the surrounding homes. Admission is free here as well (Melrose Trading Post Registered Comments).

The flea, set up at John Marshall High School, is pretty big, so prepare a rough game plan for what way you will take to deal with it all. There is really no limit to what you will find here. Take a pastel skating dress from St. Sensuous for spring and a weird mug set for your USC apartment this year or next.

Station 3: Time to eat

After walking around all day, you will definitely develop a strong appetite. Visit one of these local restaurants for a quick pick-up.

Spitz, 1725 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

More appealing than the vibrant murals wrapped around the building is the delicious Mediterranean street food served inside. Be sure to share the Berliner French fries among a few people. These crispy fries plus sliced ​​carrots, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, feta, olives, corn, pepperoni, tzatziki and Berliner sauce make their home shy regular fries. Another ingredient in this restaurant is kebab doner wrappers. Doner Kebab, the Turkish equivalent of shawarma, is made by cutting beef, chicken or lamb seasoned with vertical rotisserie lyque, resulting in tender meat with slightly crispy pieces. At Spitz, you can order this kebab wrapped in flavor additions like french fries, garlic aioli and feta chisty, a spread for a particularly hearty meal.

Phở VT Kitchen Vietnamese and Thai, 1906 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027

Magic takes place in this tiny joint with blue checkered floors and bright red walls. Although Poe’s steaming bowl never disappoints, sunny spring weather means a refreshing and portable option is your best bet. Try their banh mi, which comes with your choice of protein and spicy pickled vegetables among a crispy baguette. Spring rolls are also a great option with light gelfano, cucumber, mayo cream and tofu or baked shrimp. If you are a fearless afternoon caffeine consumer, wash your food with their ca phe suada, a combination of Vietnamese cold coffee with sweetened condensed milk that is a fun alternative to regular and sometimes boring vanilla.

Station 4: Lunch with View, 2300 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Try your best to soothe the urge to devour your food and drive a few minutes away to Silver Lake Meadow. Sit on a comfortable bench or sit on a picnic blanket and enjoy the view of the reservoir, beautiful hills laden with houses and tons of dogs. Enjoy the fresh air and maybe ask permission to pet a cute puppy. Take a leisurely stroll along the trails around the park to digest all the food!

At this point, everyone will spend their long and satisfying day. Charge your social battery and replace the quiet with some buffs on the way back. Play some indie music and mysteriously look out the window like the main character in the A24 movie. A combination of tracks from The Marías, Spendtime Palace and Peach Pit should set the tone and serve as the perfect soundtrack to end your day.

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