An aging mobster in New York still poses a threat to law enforcement: the federal

Once a murderer, always a murderer, say the Fed.

Prosecutors want to keep an aging gangster in New York jailed for life because the law enforcement agent fears the mobster will seek revenge on Jim if he leaves – but a judge wants to hear from the investigator before he decides.

A former member of Gambino’s crime family, Mark Reiter, 74, was sent away in 1988 for running one of the city’s largest heroin operations and ordering three murders to protect his bat.

During his stay behind bars, he was filmed posing as a singer in a mock rock band in a California federal prison in California, along with the late Colombo family boss Carmine “Junior” Persico, Gambino family killer Anthony Center and Joseph “JR” late Russo, a killer for the family Patriarch of New England.

But since that picture was taken in 1990, Reiter has been suffering from health issues and is now suffering from conditions including obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, according to Manhattan federal court documents filed in support of his request for compassionate release.

Prosecutors, however, argue that Reiter – who is imprisoned in a low-security federal prison near Allenwood, Pennsylvania – deserves to rot there because of the “nature and circumstances” of his crimes, “which … clearly included severe and extreme violence.”

Mark Reiter (left) is seen performing in a band full of mobsters inside Lumpok’s Federal Prison in California.

In addition, Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Kapozi wrote, “He was approached by an agent who assisted in the Reiter investigation, who expressed serious concern about the possibility of retaliation against law enforcement and those who assisted in law enforcement in prosecuting the defendant if the defendant was released.

“Such concerns are understandable given the defendant’s criminal conduct, which involved ordering multiple murders, including the murder of a collaborator,” Kapuzi added.

In an order given last week, Manhattan federal judge Vernon Broderick denied Reiter’s request for a hearing with testimony from the unidentified agent, but said: “For the sake of clarity, I take any possibility of violence against law enforcement members as a serious problem.”

Mark Reiter (right)
Mark Reiter (right) is charged with plotting three murders during his stay at the Gambino crime family.
Court documents
Prison Pictures by Mark Reiter.
Harlan Proteas, Mark Reiter’s lawyer, said he did not pose a “threat to anyone, including law enforcement.”
Court documents

Broderick then gave plaintiffs a deadline to file an affidavit identifying the agent and specifying “the specific concerns about each person the defendant may harm, and how he or she may harm them if the defendant is released,” including “all the bases of the agent’s concerns.”

The development was first reported by the Gangland News website.

Reiter’s lawyer, Harlan Proteas, told the Post on Friday, “I do not believe he poses a threat to anyone, including law enforcement, based on what I know about him, what I read about him and how he was conducted in prison.

An agent fears Mark Reiter (center) could ask
An agent fears Mark Reiter (center) could seek “retaliation against law enforcement” if released, according to U.S. Attorney Timothy Kapozi’s aide.
Court documents
Mark Reiter was seen on February 28, 1992.
Mark Reiter was seen on February 28, 1992.
Michael Norcia / New York Post

“He’s a different person than he was 35 years ago,” Protas added.

A Manhattan spokesman, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, declined to comment.

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