Backed by Shaq’s Big Chicken and other athletes in San Antonio

Lakers icon and NBA Hall of Fame Shaquille O’Neal is bringing his network of cooked chicken sandwiches to San Antonio soon. This is of course not the first restaurant venture supported by a professional opened in San Antonio, or Texas for that matter.

MySA dug through the archives to find the restaurants (and one bar) that opened in San Antonio and were owned or supported by athletes. There were a few surprises during the search, like the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback running Golden Coral franchises here in San Antonio.

Do you know whose ventures failed to take a break? Tony Parker. I hope his next bubbling venture is more successful. Let’s start there.

Tony Parker and brothers TJ Parker (left) and Pierre Parker stand in a wine and cigar room while visiting the site of his bar, the now-defunct Nueve Lounge.

TOM REL / San Antonio Express-News

Nueve Lounge

This is the one bar on the list and it was very short. Former Spurs player Tony Parker and his brother opened the Nueve Lounge in 2012 and have already sold it prestigious. Noab, of course, is Spanish for nine, Parker’s shirt number.

The venture did not last long. After announcing on social media that it is shortening its operating hours, Nueve Lounge closed its doors in 2013. Customers could only guess why the bar closed.

An order of Chissy Bacon Ranch French fries comes with fries, bacon, cheese and farm sauce in Malik's Philly's Phamous Cheesesteaks food truck.
An order of Chissy Bacon Ranch French fries comes with fries, bacon, cheese and farm sauce in Malik’s Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks food truck.Jennifer McKinnis / San Antonio Express News

Malik’s Philly’s Phamous Cheeseesteaks

Malik’s Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks, opened by former Spurs player Malik Rose, is still open in the form of two food trucks that you can usually find parked at 12002 O’Connor Road and 2301 San Pedro Avenue.

But Malik’s originally started out as a brick and mortar placement in the quarries market 16 years ago. We were unable to determine exactly when the quarry location closed, but Express News reported last year that the location was “closed for years.”

A former Viking quarterback owned several gold pens here in San Antonio.

A former Viking quarterback owned several gold pens here in San Antonio.

Leland A. Outz / for the San Antonio Express-News

The golden corral

So it’s not an original idea like the others, but Golden Coral is still a restaurant, and former Viking quarterback Tommy Kramer has opened a number of venues here in San Antonio according to the Express-News archive.

Kramer opened one at 2525 SW Military Drive in 1994 and had plans to open one second at Perrin-Beitel, according to an old Express-News story. According to the site, the gold pens are not open in the same places, so it is safe to say that he is not the owner of the gold pens here. In addition, Kramer moved to Minnesota in 2020.

Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar closed one place in 2020.

Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar closed one place in 2020.

Paul Stephen / San Antonio Express-News

Walk On’s

Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar is a restaurant mostly owned by former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brice, and it weighs heavily on the sports bar atmosphere.

There is one location in Hollywood Park with another point planned for Hill Country. The plague was not likable for the Huebner Oaks location, which closed in 2020, the San Antonio Business Journal reported.

Spur Tony Parker opened the

Spur Tony Parker opened “Crème de la Crème” with his personal chef but it is unclear if he is still open.

Creams creams

Tony Parker opened a food truck in 2016 with his personal chef Cliff Chatwood, which was to bring French cuisine and chef services to San Antonio.

However, the food truck has not updated its Facebook since 2018. MySA has reached the email provided on the Facebook page, but it is currently unknown if the food truck is still operating.

We dug hard, but maybe we missed another athlete-backed restaurant that opened in San Antonio. If you remember one, send an email to

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