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Coachella’s long-awaited rehearsal continued Saturday night with headline Billy Aylish, some surprises at festivals and stars coming to the big desert parties.

When she took to the main stage that Harry Styles had embellished the night before, Aylish started her 90-minute set at 11:30 pm and wanted her big hits with support from her brother and music partner Phineas and special performances by singer Khalid and gorillas Damon Albern. .

Aylish, who performed less at the festival offer in 2019, repeatedly expressed her shock at being asked to lead the shows on Saturday, telling the audience throughout the night, “It’s a fucking trip” and “My brother it’s so weird, I should not be. Headlines this shit ! “

“I’m so grateful to be here and all of you here, it’s such a dream come true, I feel crazy,” Eyalish continued at one point during the show. “And three years have passed dude! I have three rules per night. Rule number 1 is Do not be an idiot, just like that. No. 2 is that you must not judge anyone here – I say it every time. And No. 3, fun bitch.”

When she released Albern, who joined her for appearances on “Getting Older” and “Feel Good Inc.” Aylish declared, “This man changed my life in many ways and changed my full view of what music can be and what can be art and what can be creation. My first favorite band ever was The Good, the Bad and the Queen when I was six and Tashtor slept. “The world and Gorillaz changed the world. This man is a real genius and that’s it.”

And after closing the energetic show with performances of “Bad Guy” and “Happier Than Ever,” Aylish teased, “Thank you Coachella, I’m sorry I’m not Beyonce. I love you good night.”

Elsewhere during Saturday’s performances, Megan T. Stallion performed new music and also on stage Flume (with a special guest Beck), Disclosure, 21 Savage, Danny Elfman, Giveon and Brockampton. In addition to performing on stage with Aylish, Khalid joined Disclosure to perform their hit collaboration “Talk”. On the main stage, the band K-pop 2NE1 reunited for their first performance since 2015, joining a former member of the band CL during the 88rising set. In addition, Phoebe Bridges once again infiltrated the desert stage, joining Arlo Parks on her set, as did the Bridgers singer the night before. At the Sahara Tent, Brockhampton put on their last second appearance as a team, the last of which will take place over the second weekend. As a surprise to the audience, the boys-hip-hop band has announced that their latest album will be released later this year, before the group officially disbandes.

Jared Leto and Brent Bolthouse participate in the Levi’s Carnival and Tequila Don Julio Neon, with Hydration By Liquid IV on April 16, 2022 in Thermal, California. (Photo by Cassidy Sparrow / Getty Images for Neon Carnival)
Photo by Cassidy Sparrow / Getty Images for Neon Carnival)

Outside of the festival, Saturday also hosted the largest ensemble of Coachella parties over the weekend, including the first day of the Revolve Festival (with a performance by Post Malone and guest Quavo) and the return of the After Party Neon Carnival, where guests followed the performances with late-night style games Carnival and thrills at an amusement park. The event, presented by Levi’s and Tequila Don Julio with Hydration by Liquid IV, saw a starring cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Tea Stallion, Timothy Chalmet, Paris Hilton, Jared Leto, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Chloe and Halle Bailey , Lily Reinhart, Camilla Mendes, Charles Melton and KJ Apa.

Rachel Zoe’s Zooz Party also brought some Hollywood faces, including Keke Palmer, Gavin Leatherwood and Yellow jackets Starring Samantha Henrietta and Ella Frenell.

“This is my first time at Coachella ever, it’s probably the biggest breakthrough of anything out there that will push me to come,” Palmer said THR At today’s party, detail plans to go with the flow when it comes to weekend plans: “For me it’s just enjoying as much as I can in terms of a good environment. It’s a lot of energy so I try to find the best and most comforting.”

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Kaka Palmer and Bhatti Prinsloo
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Frenell and Narti also attended the festival for the first time, with Narti towering over being “Harry the Giant” [Styles] Ohad.”

“I had a panic attack,” the actress said of the headline’s appearance. “But not because of Harry, because of the claustrophobia of all the people. So I had to get out of being at the front. I came from behind but it was great.” Fornell did not stay for the entire Stiles set, and missed the second Twain appearance. “I was so nervous we could not get a taxi, we literally left,” Fornell said. “I did not know they had fireworks, damn it!”

The narrator also spoke candidly about the recurrence of events within the plague. The actress said, “If we’re completely honest, my anxiety has gotten a lot worse. Getting back into the company was a little more of a challenge than I expected. I also just allow myself to feel it, and then just get over it. If you can not be in the middle of the crowd, get out. “Of the dance, do you know what I mean? So I think I just understand everything. But it was really exciting and really fun to be able to finally see friends and dance and go crazy.”

Fornale continued this sentiment, recognizing how good it feels to encounter friends at events like Coachella, and also mentioning Paris Fashion Week, in which the actress attended earlier this year. “There was such an atmosphere that everyone was locked up for so long. In Paris in particular, it’s like, you can not walk one length of the street without encountering someone you know or something crazy. [happening]. The atmosphere is just crazy right now. “

Other Saturday celebrations included the Liquid IV House of Hydration, where Jack Harlow and Sweetie performed; Interscope Records’ sixth annual celebration, featuring Charlie Pot, Catherine Newton and Benny Blanco and H & M’s Hotel Hennes soiree, with Zoe Dutch, Eva Phillip, Lily Reinhart, Camilla Mendes, Vanessa Morgan, India Moore, Lexi Underwood and Storm Reed.

Soho Desert House, Hugo House, Desert Gold, Tao Desert Nights, Rolling Stone Live and HBO Max’s The steward The Preflight Lounge summed up the desert party scene. The festival continues on Sunday with the headlines The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia.

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Camilla Mendes, Vanessa Morgan and Lily Rinehart at H & M’s Hotel Hennes

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