Cannabis Legalization Licensing – a special conditional license for retail sales are published before the end of 2022

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Attorney by a sponsored story April 13, 2022. Jeffrey Hoffman

* Jeffrey Hoffman is a New York-based licensed attorney who focuses on clients in the cannabis industry, including licensees in the cannabis market for adult use, medical cannabis therapists, and suppliers of products and services adjacent to cannabis. He has a special interest in social and economic cannabis license applicants, and he also informs and assists those convicted of cannabis offenses to have such convictions deleted from their record.

On March 31, 2021, the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) became the law of the land in New York. In general, it has allowed cannabis for adult use in the country and established a basic framework for licensing cultivation, processing, distribution, retail distribution, shipping and consumption at the cannabis site. The legislation also created a Cannabis Management Office (OCM) controlled by the Cannabis Control (CCB).

Certain parts of MRTA are already in full force in New York. It is now legal for a person aged 21 and over to use cannabis products and hold up to three ounces of cannabis flower and up to twenty-four grams of concentrated cannabis. Coming from other states, which strictly restrict cannabis consumption to private homes or other private spaces, New York allows cannabis smoking where cigarette smoking is allowed.

During 2022, the OCM will formulate a regulatory plan for the implementation of MRTA. In general, licenses will start being issued and businesses will start to open reasonably by 2023.

However, very recent development, the CCB has decided to issue a special license for use by an adult. This license will be available for people (and a parent, legal guardian, child, his / her spouse or their dependents) who have been convicted of a crime related to cannabis before 31 March 2021 and are able to meet the other criteria. These retail licenses will be issued in New York first, and associated retail stores are expected to open later this year. In addition, New York has established a fund of $ 200 million to help the owners of these licenses with store locations and design.

New York has created some of the most liberal cannabis laws, not just in the United States, but everywhere in the world. New York allows consumption wherever cigarettes are allowed and there will be consumption lounges that will be like bars but with cannabis instead of alcohol. It is quite likely that within the next five years, New York (New Amsterdam) will take the title of “Cannabis Tourism Capital in the World” from its current holder: Amsterdam (Old).

For those interested in participating in this innovative industry, it is advisable to start formulating their business plans and get ready to apply for their license.

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Note: Possession of cannabis and use of legal remnants under federal law.

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