Having grown up in the real estate business, the well-known New York realtor launches his own agency

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – 47-year-old James Friendmano said some of his earliest memories include tagging along with his mother to show homes to potential buyers.

“I’ve been walking around in real estate since I was at knee height to the grasshopper. “Literally, for as long as I can remember, I have fond memories of going to meetings and late nights at the office with Mom,” he said, referring to his mother, who owns Cassandra Properties in St. George, where he launched his real estate. Career.

In recent years, however, Friendmano has said he has noticed that “the game has changed” – real estate can now be bought and sold in a digital space. This was particularly emphasized during the Corona epidemic (COVID-19).

“I have very aggressive goals and a clear vision of what a successful brokerage looks like today and a lot in the future. We are not just a real estate company, we are building leaders. We teach financial literacy – we are constantly improving our skills and learning, “he explained.

He added that this is why he launched PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate in Bulls Head, and he plans to open a second office soon in Tottenville.

“It’s time [to open his own office]Said Friendmano. “The landscape has changed so much over the last few years, we felt it was the perfect time to offer an option to our agents and clients that is better placed for success. This is a very exciting time to be in real estate.

Two divisions

Friendmano said he recognized that it was no longer enough to be a “big negotiator” in the real estate industry. And for that reason, he divided his team – which now consists of 22 members – into two different divisions: Marketing and Digital.

“Today you must also be a digital guru and marketer,” Friendmano said. “We have a full marketing department that currently consists of five team members. Each one is an expert in his or her own professions. Their job is to put as many eyes on the property as possible at the right time and focus on the right audience.”

In the rapidly changing digital world, Friendmano said it is important to have dedicated team members for this aspect of the business.

“The digital world is changing so fast, we believe you need dedicated experts who are constantly at the top of the latest algorithms, tools available and overall data analysis,” he said. “It allows our agents to focus on creating new deals and negotiating. “Real estate, for most people, will be the biggest sale and / or purchase in their lives. As professionals we must provide our clients with the best. This model allows us to do just that.”


Prendamano said real estate today is highly specialized, so he has created divisions at PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate that specializes in the commercial, residential and consulting aspects of the industry.

“On the commercial side we specialize in acquisitions, sales and leasing,” he said. Residential specializes in representing sellers [listings], Representation of buyers and sales investments. On the consulting side, we handle a wide range of clients, from institutional businesses to local businesses. “


Friendmano and his team also launched a weekly podcast – called the PreReal Podcast – that covers a variety of topics, from investor tips to technology issues affecting the real estate industry.

“Personally, I worked very hard to finish my skill set. I’m a deal addict at heart, but I’m very proud of the wide range of trading experience I’ve gained over the years,” he said.

Prendamano and his team have launched a weekly podcast on a variety of topics, from investors to technology issues affecting the real estate industry. (Courtesy of PreReal, Prendamano Real Estate)

“The podcast was such a turnaround for me. … We built audiences in over 60 countries, we are approaching 20,000 downloads / plays and it was an amazing way to learn, connect and pass on my knowledge to the masses,” Friendmano added.

The agency also has a book club, which hosts weekly meetings.

“We’ve been through amazing books as we refine our approach, adopting new tactics for use in our negotiations and daily lives. It’s an amazing way to connect with the team, and we all enjoy the experience and interpretations of it for books,” said Friendmano.

Pre-Real Estate, Real Estate Pledge at a glance

Website: www.prereal.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JPrendamanoCP/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/j_prendamano/

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