Legends, Fantasy, Family and Finance on LA Stages?

Puppeteer Matt Kertin revives Gertrude the Goose with Tara Alice Cox as Letty in “Rapunzel Alone” at the 24th Street Theater and in “Wallis.” Photo by Cooper Bates

24th Street Theater, an award-winning professional theater troupe, has established a name for itself as a leading producer of emotionally rich and provocative productions for families. Their latest effort, in collaboration withWallis Annenberg Center for the Performing ArtsIs the world premiere of Rapunzel aloneWritten by award-winning playwright Olivier Mike Kenny, And directed by Debbie Devin and Jesus Castanus-Chima. Performances continue at The Wallis in Beverly Hills March 12 ToMarch 19, and 24God’ 26th Street Theater March to April 30th.

Loosely inspired by the famous children’s story, Rapunzel alone In the center is Letty, a young girl from London who is sent to the countryside for her safety during the daily bombings of World War II. On a secluded rural farm, she faces her battles with a meticulous new guard and a very “chicken” goose. Terra Alice Cox, William Leon and Marie Fran├žois TheodoreStar, with playwright Kenny providing narration and puppets Matt Kertin Revives the ornate goose Gertrude. Adults and children ages 7 and up will be drawn to the fantasy world where a goose and a lone “witch” can turn out to be your best friends when you need girlfriends the most.

The play was originally commissioned to address the growing isolation of adolescents in the social media world, during the last two years of epidemic, lockdown, social uprising, elections, uprising, climate disasters and war, the play continued to evolve, making it even more relevant now, given the number of young children Who have now been displaced from their homes due to an erupting war.

Rapunzel alone Moves to the Lovelace Studio in Wallis Center for the Performing Arts, 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly hills, CA 90210 March 12-19 with $ 25 tickets. The play then returns to 24God’ Street Theater, 1117 West 24God’ Street, LA 90007 (near USC) March 26 to April 30 with $ 10- $ 24 tickets. Patrons aged 5 and over must present proof of vaccination, photo ID and wear a mask. For exact dates, Reservations and information, go to www.24thstreet.org.

Change of gear, go to the Ahmonson Theater until April 10 for Lehman Trilogy, A very old family story written by Stefano Massini, edited by Ben Power nominee for the Olivier Award and directed by Olivier Award winner, Oscar and Tony Award winner, Sam Mendes. The members of the original London and Broadway actors, Simon Russell Bill and Adam Goodley, are joined by Broadway member Howard W. Overshown, each of whom vividly introduces the Lehman brothers, sons and grandsons, girlfriends and wives and business partners from all walks of life.

Lehman Trilogy Is the story of an immigrant family – and a family business – that will change and eventually elevate the world. It begins on a cold September morning in 1844, when a young man from Bavaria stands on the platform of New York and dreams of a new life in the new world, like so many immigrants before and after him. He is soon joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins. But what exactly happens 163 years later when the company they set up – Lehman Brothers – spectacularly collapses into bankruptcy and causes the biggest financial crisis in history? This is a spectacular journey told in a fast running time of 3 hours and 20 minutes with two breaks of 15 minutes.

Both programs are blessed with amazing actors who will mesmerize you with their ability to populate their roles, with innovative video projections that magically turn any set into many places. And speaking of sets, respect should be given Lehman TrilogyEs Devlin’s landscape designer on such a versatile and transparent turntable set that the actors weave in the rooms and figures as if we are watching a passing time before our eyes as the scenes spin in front of us.

Tickets for Lehman Trilogy Available through CenterTheatreGroup.org, Public Services at

(213) 972-4400 or in person at the Center Theater Group box office (at the Ahmanson Theater at The Music Center, 135 N. Grand Avenue in downtown LA 90012). Be prepared to show proof of vaccination, ID card with photo and wear mask. More information is available at CenterTheatreGroup.org/Safety.

Legends, Fantasy, Family and Finance on LA Stages?

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