Los Angeles sees an increase in home robberies after immersion in March; Police believe 17 gangs were involved

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Five Los Angeles home robberies have been reported in the last 48 hours, Los Angeles police told the City Police Department Tuesday, marking a 78 percent increase in the past in March compared to a record high in March. In November.

The phenomenon – in which police claim armed suspects track victims from restaurants and shopping areas like Melrose Avenue and the Jewelry Quarter to rob them of jewelry, watches or vehicles – was “almost inaudible” before last year, according to Captain Jonathan Tipett, who heads the team The “Robbery Surveillance” mission set up in November.

In September and October, the department’s homicide-robbery department began noticing a pattern of multiple robberies involving multiple vehicles and many armed suspects who are suitable to rob people of luxury vehicles and jewelry, Tift said.

“In my 34 years at the LAPD, I have never seen this kind of criminal behavior in such large groups coordinating to carry out attacks on innocent civilians to take their property and / or their vehicles,” Tipt told the committee.

The department counted 51 “of these violent and cash robberies” in September and October. The task force – which includes 18 detectives, 11 investigators from the Murder Robbery Division, four from the Operations Department and three from the Detective Bureau – was created on 23 November.

In dealing with investigations following a house robbery, the task force has adapted to the department’s usual practice of waiting to identify all the people involved in the robbery before making arrests, Tift said.

“Due to the crisis, we started making arrests as soon as possible after people were identified,” he said, adding that it was effective in reducing the number of incidents. “It has been a big task, however, I am confident that we are slowing down this trend,” Tift said.

Ten robberies at the home were reported in March, down 78% from a four-week period between October and November, when 45 were reported.

The department said most of the incidents seen in a two-week period were 26 November. In the last two weeks only seven robberies after a house have been reported, and in the two weeks before that only three house robberies were recorded, Tift said.

However, the department is investigating five home robberies reported in the past 48 hours, Tift said.

A total of 221 robberies were reported in the home between the establishment of the task force from November to April.

The department believes a total of 17 gangs from south Los Angeles are involved in the robbery, but many of them are allegedly from rival groups and do not work together.

As of April 10, the task force handled one homicide investigation that included four arrests, two attempted murder investigations, 125 robbery investigations, five attempted robbery investigations, five fatal assault investigations, five major theft investigations and two incidents in which shots were fired. Was shot into a populated residential apartment, Tift said.

The house robbery occurred mostly in the Western Bureau, which was reported to be 130, with 50 in the Hollywood area, 46 in the Wilshire area, 17 in the Pacific and 15 in West Los Angeles The Central Bureau reported 49 house robberies. , With 40 of them located in the central area, including the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles.

23 of the incidents resulted in shootings, with 13 people shot.

“We have seen countless people who have been traumatized as a result of a gun aimed at them and robbed them … Many others are dealing with the trauma and injuries as a result of coping, kicks, beatings, punches and lashes to the head. A miracle that no more deaths occurred,” Tift said.

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