MarketInk: From Deejay to Church Leader Mike V, “I Can’t Believe I Can Do It”

Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez

In the run-up to Easter Sunday, Mike Vasquez, director of communications at Grov Church, a Christian church in Mission Valley, recalled his 34-year career as a deejay and program director at some of San Diego’s most popular radio stations.

“I loved my time working in radio, it was a lot of fun,” Vasquez told the Times of San Diego. “Easter is always a busy time of year with extra work and preparation for many churches, including ours. But, working for a church does not feel like work. Every day I say to myself, ‘I do not believe I can do this.’ I am living proof that God uses “In average and ordinary people to meet real spiritual needs. It’s really amazing.”

Vasquez, 55, oversees volunteers, parking and logistics for special events and contributes to the digital media service at Grove Church, which attracts more than 600 guests in three Sunday morning prayers.

“Working in radio has been a huge part of my life for several decades and I miss the people in the business,” Vasquez said. “But, now God I have a new job this season of my life. It’s exciting to encourage our volunteers about the important role they can play in someone’s reconciliation process and help create an environment where people can experience love and hope and experience spiritual change. It’s very humiliating to be a part of it.” .

Vasquez had been a volunteer at the church for a number of years before his career transition to a full-time position at the church, a move that stemmed from his dismissal from his last job at radio.

Since the age of 7, Vasquez has said he wants to be a radio DJ. His first radio job at age 19 was a Sunday night shift as a board operator on KEZL-FM in Fresno. He later became the station’s program director for 12 years (1986-1998) and led the station to become one of the top rated stations in the country with a contemporary jazz format.

So Vasquez caught the attention of Mike Stafford, CEO at the time of KIFM-FM, San Diego’s smooth jazz station. Today, Stafford works in advertising and media consulting for the CSB Impact marketing agency in San Diego.

“When Mr. Stafford offered me the job as KIFM’s program director, it was a dream come true to work in the San Diego market,” Vasquez said. Within two years, in 2000, KIFM rose to become the highest-ranked station in San Diego between the ages of 25 and 54. In 2005, the National Body Association awarded KIFM the coveted Marconi Award as one of the leading stations in the country.

Vasquez, known as “Mike V” on the air, spent 16 years (1998-2015) at KIFM before his job was rescheduled.

“I spent eight months on the beach until Garrett Michaels re-launched KFMB and called me to join his team,” said Vasquez, who spent four years (2016-2020) on KFMB-FM 100.7. In 2000, Vasquez lost his programming job when Taga sold the station to local media San Diego, where Michaels is currently the program director of XTRA-FM 91X and KFBG-FM 100.7 Big-FM.

“I took the COVID year (2020) to take classes, to strengthen my digital marketing skills. During that time when churches did not meet in person, Grove Church started their online service and needed some help, which led me to join To their team, “Vasquez said. His part-time job later became a full-time job at The Grove.

“It was encouraging to see how God’s plan can turn challenging and unplanned life events into positive steps forward,” Vasquez said. “God still works miracles today and equips, liberates and produces people to their potential. Personal spiritual change is the best measure of success.”

Will Vasquez ever consider returning to radio broadcasts?

“I was asked this question a few days ago in a reunion, a dinner with some old friends on the radio,” Vasquez said. “I’m not sure of the answer because you never know about God’s future plans, where He wants you. But, I believe God wants me where I am now. It’s a happy and meaningful job and I absorb everything inside.”

Sunday morning services at 8:15, 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. are held at 4562 Alvarado Canyon Road, San Diego.

San Diego Local Radio presents SoCal Taco Fest

Local Media San Diego, which operates four radio stations in San Diego, will present SoCal Taco Fest, a one-day festival that features tacos, music, Luca Libra wrestling, a beauty contest and Chihuahua races, starting at noon, Saturday, May 14th. , In Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego.

Musical groups that perform include Banda Machos, Ana Barbara, Los Amigos Invisibles, La Sonora Dinamita con Vilma Diaz, Los Sleepwalkers, Kimba Light, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Naughty By Nature, Rob Base, Young MC, The Purple Madness, FlashPants , 40oz to Freedom, High Tide Society, DJ Niayuku, Mariachi Diamante, DJ Viejo Lowbo, DJ Josexxx, Familia Loteria and Wa-Kushmá.

General admission tickets cost $ 60. For information, visit LMSD operates KFBG-FM Big-FM 100.7, XHRM-FM Magic 92.5, XHTZ-FM Z-90.3 and XTRA-FM 91X.

REQ appoints Brock Waller as VP of Communications

REQ, a digital marketing and brand management company from Washington, D.C. With an office in San Diego at Scrips Ranch, she hired Brock Waller as senior media vice president.

Brock Weller

Weller will lead REQ’s digital media team and oversee search, social media advertising and media network advertising, as well as search engine optimization, social media and digital content. It will work closely with the company’s media team to propel customer performance forward through strategic business recommendations, concrete operating planning and data-driven optimizations, REQ said.

In the past, Waller has spent more than a decade supporting large-scale, global-scale media design and execution programs at iProspect and Neil Patel Digital marketing agencies. She has led customer programs for Fortune 500 brands, including Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Xbox, Levi’s and Anthem. Prior to her career at the agency, Weller spent five years building a search team at Adobe Systems, Inc.

“Brock brings tremendous skills and leadership experience to REQ’s award-winning advertising and SEO team,” said Trip Donnelly, CEO and Founder of REQ. At all stages of the business life cycle. “

IABC discusses corporate media changing the game

The International Association of Business Callers in San Diego will host a virtual interactive meeting on “Corporate Communication Game Swappers” with Maria Huntlas of BioMed Realty, a commercial real estate company specializing in the life sciences and technology industries, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Thursday April 28. Attendance at the online seminar: $ 10 for members, $ 20 for non-members and $ 5 for students.

Huntalas, senior director of enterprise communications and marketing at BioMed Realty, will share practical ways to strengthen the value of the marketing-communications role through proven cases. IABC said it will also discuss measuring external and internal communication strategies to demonstrate return on investment and tips for establishing business value for your leadership.

Since joining BioMed Realty’s team almost three years ago, Huntalas has raised brand awareness and the company’s thinking leadership profile in the commercial real estate life sciences industry, IABC said. Prior to her tenure at BioMed, she held various performance management and programmatic marketing roles The IBMs have a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.

Rick Griffin is a public relations and marketing consultant in San Diego. His MarketInk column appears weekly on Mondays in the San Diego Times.

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