Mass funding for the families of the fallen Bollard brothers, electric bicycles flourishing despite a short supply, and registration for upcoming rides in Los Angeles

Following on from yesterday’s main story, a crowdfunding campaign is raising money for the families of Adam and Matthew Bollard.

The brothers were killed Saturday by an alleged DUI driver near the finish line of a St. George, Utah tour. The leadership infamously claimed that she lost control of her car after losing control of her gut, failing any sobriety test on the ground.

Adam leaves behind his wife and son, while Matt leaves behind his wife and four children.

The fund raised more than $ 61,000 out of the $ 100,000 target in the first day alone.

A picture of Adam and Matthew Bollard from Adam Bollard’s Facebook page.


The bicycle boom continues, along with the accompanying problems in the supply chain.

Inc. Calls for rising fuel prices double-edged sword for bicycle and electric scooter companies, as fuel prices drive demand while raising their transportation costs.

A Cleveland TV station says the bike swing is entering its third year, as high fuel prices are driving demand for gas-free transportation options.

Bloomberg Examines the supply problems faced by the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, a group of Taiwan’s giant production, and concludes that the shortage may last until this year, because the company is looking to diversify where her bicycle manufactured.


Celebrate Easter / Passover by signing up for the only cookie in the world related to cookies.

Meanwhile, there are only two days left to get a discount when registering for the end of the May 1st Ride and finish the Run in Griffith Chapter; GP20 usage code to register before midnight Thursday.


Watch out for a hit-and-run driver who ran over an electric scooter rider last week.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bicycles just goes on.

It should not surprise anyone climbing bicycle theft reported in Los Angeles, an increase of six percent compared to last year, following a decline in recent years from a peak of 2017. Although this drop may or may not be accurate, as many people never report their stolen bikes to the police, so theft data likely reflects a dramatic underscore.

Members of the Pasadena Complete Streets coalition gathered last night at Pasadena City Hall to call for safer streets in the city.

Country Taking a look and loving bike testified to famous California bikemaker Tom Ritchey who was built for his dad 50 years ago when he was just 17, incorporating unique features that were decades ahead of their time.

San Diego continues to demonstrate how not to run a new bike infrastructure, as residents of the Rancho Panskitos neighborhood complain that they were not notified before parking spaces were removed and bike lanes missed, while a local council member says no one also notified the office. .


News not so amazing e-bike manufacturer in Seattle Rad Power Bikes, candidiasis almost 14% of its current workforce, what the company describes as a re-; The bicycle manufacturer’s internal service department receives the ax when it outsources its customer service operations.

Police in Boulder, Colorado found three stolen bikes – including two $ 70,000 chainless bikes – when the thief entered a bike shop with a hot bike worth $ 12,000 and a pair of screwdrivers.

The Chicago chairman is working on a proposal to allow drivers who block bike lanes to receive tickets based on a bicycle camera video. It is also worth noting that the City of Spirits has 50 members on its Justice Council, while in Los Angeles it has only 15 City Council members, despite an additional 1.1 million residents.

A research group at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is reinventing the traffic light, using real-time adaptive technology to improve the flow of all road users – not just cars – while reducing red light waiting times.

A 27-year-old man in New York stunned his doctors when he walked again, less than two years, and five surgeries, after being paralyzed at the door; Now his goal is to compete in fencing at the 2026 Paralympic Games.


Super for T3 Indicates three mistakes that every electric bike buyer makes, including buying a cheap bike, thinking that electric bikes are really fast and breaking the law. Each is a relative term, of course, since countless people do none of these things.

No bias here, either. A British article reported a recent conversation to remove a two-way bicycle lane – “white elephant” but the story is all based on the opinion of one person, who read when they walked

Bicycle injuries have been growing in the Netherlands, climbing by a third in the last decade, although most are not the result of road accidents.

Here, too, no surprise, as a Norwegian study shows that Connie electric bicycle riding doubled their transport, while double the distance they travel within six months.

Competitive cycling

Subscribers to NBC’s Peacock streaming service can watch this weekend’s Paris-Roubaix this weekend, with the women’s race on Saturday, and the men’s on Sunday.

Professional cyclist Hugo Hofstetter called for tightening disc brake regulations after he needed 35 stitches when the brake rotor cut his helmet in a fall.


The feeling when someone is an X about him a fan of your work. Or when it takes 10 years, 8 months and 12 days to make your second victory. But who counts?

And who says you can not carry a 30-foot mast on your bike?

Not to mention 35 miles.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and damn Putin, too.

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