Messiah is alive, the church is alive!

Earlier this month we held our Jubilee Year Camino. It was beautiful to see so many of you and your families.

In all, about 2,000 of us have done the An 11-mile procession Through the streets from the San Gabriel Arkangel Mission, the place where faith was “born” in Los Angeles 250 years ago, to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the mother church of the family of God today.

It was a spiritual pilgrimage and an inspiring civic event. I am grateful to the law enforcement men and women who helped monitor traffic along the way and to the many volunteers in the communities we stopped at along the way.

What fun to see people so happy. Many prayed all the way, said the rosary, sang; You could hear random shouts of “Viva Cristo Rey!” As we made our way through the neighborhoods, people came out of their homes or talked to us from their windows, excited to tell us how much they love Jesus. I was thrilled to see so many young children watching with wide eyes as our procession passed.

We started the day with a mission and ended with a prayer in the cathedral. It was great to see the cathedral fill up again. There are some okay Photos and videos As of today on our site, so I hope you take a look.

All day long as I prayed, I kept thinking what an amazing sign that the church lives in the Archbishop of Los Angeles!

A week or so later, on the Monday of Holy Week, we celebrated the annual Mass of Christmas, the solemn celebration in which each congregation brings its oils to the bishop for blessing and consecration – the oils of the sacraments, the oil of the sick, the holy. Christmas – in which each pastor publicly renews the promises he made during his ordination.

The Mass of Christ is an expression of the Church as the family of God and the kingdom of God – bishops, priests and deacons, religious and sacred, seminars, laymen.

And again, as I prayed and looked out over the cathedral benches filled with happy and loyal people from every corner of the Archbishop’s, I thought: The church is alive in Los Angeles!

The church is alive because Jesus Messiah is alive. This is the great meaning of Easter.

This Jesus, whom we accompany in the holy week in the last days of his earthly life; This Jesus, whom we witness on Good Friday, is beaten and nailed to the cross, where we watch him die; This Jesus, live!

This is the truth we must rediscover throughout Easter.

Jesus Messiah is alive! And because he is alive, we will not die, we can rise with him! This is my Easter prayer: May we rise from the struggles and hardships of this world and unite our lives with the ascending Lord!

When we reflect on our times, so disturbed by wars and disputes, we know that there is only one way to find peace in our families, in our society, in our world, and that is through our faith in Jesus Messiah, ours. A personal commitment to follow his teaching and example.

Jesus rises and walks with us. We must never forget that.

Jesus walks with us in all our hopes and in all the struggles of our daily lives, in all the little ways we strive for holiness, trying to do our best, giving respect to God and loving our neighbors.

We need to get up with Jesus and understand how important our lives are. Jesus trusts us now that we will continue His work on earth.

This Easter, let us renew our desire to serve Jesus in our lives, with joy and confidence.

Let us live our faith, exactly where we are! Living and loving like Jesus in our work, in our homes, in school, in our toilets, in everything we do.

Let’s try to turn everything we do into something that is beautiful and pleasant to him, always looking for ways to help others get to know him and love him and feel his love for them.

If we try to love Him and serve Him in everything we do, we will find joy and peace. Our lives will become a radiant path that leads others to Jesus, and that leads you to heaven.

Pray for me this Easter, and I will pray for you. I wish you joy with your families.

And may Miriam our blessed mother go with us, as we walk with the living Jesus. To help us get up with him, and go tell the world about his love.

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