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Daria Shrek escapes from Russia’s depressive education
System and Origin of Fulfillment at MiraCosta College

Daria Shrek left Russia to escape a repressive education system that offered her no opportunity to realize her goals. At MiraCosta College, Daria is confident that her dreams can become a reality.

“I started to believe in a better future here,” Shrek explains. “I always had dreams, but now they’re bigger and bolder – and now I believe they can come true. That’s what keeping Costa helped me understand.”

Shrek is the first international student to participate in MiraCosta’s groundbreaking program offering a bachelor’s degree in biological production. MiraCosta is one of 15 community colleges in California offering undergraduate degrees to their students.

Shrek grew up in the Russian port city of Novorossiysk, where she noticed that students were humiliated and punished by their teachers. Shrek saw no small hope of engaging in biology there. When she came to San Diego County with her husband in June 2016, she began attending MiraCosta College because her brother-in-law studied there.

At MiraCosta, Shrek found an atmosphere in which students received support and respect, much different from what they experienced in Russia. Falling in love with California, Charco and her husband decided to stay here while they both continued their studies.

Eventually they intended to return to their home in Russia, but the invasion of Ukraine changed those plans. Shrek’s home is near the border with Ukraine, and she has had limited contact with her family as the Russian government shuts down social networks and other communication channels. “We are lost. We do not know what to do,” says Daria. “We are not partners in the regime. We are completely against this war.”

Top photo: Russian-born student Daria Shrek

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Processing of a pedestrian path in what will be the renovated Terminal 1 at San Diego International Airport.
To the landscape architect, the airport is new
Terminal 1 will celebrate our malls, West Bank areas

By Della Wilt

Landscape Architect Patricia Teraot ‘

Landscape architect Patricia Teraot said it was “the coolest, most demanding and exciting project of my career”. It talks about the re-creation of Terminal 1 of San Diego International Airport, which originally opened in 1967 with a renovation that began in 2020 and is scheduled to open in May, 2028.

Teraot, chief landscape architect at Rick Engineering Co., explained that while Terminals 1 and 2 have many unifying elements, they also have their own identity – Terminal 2 symbolically represents our beaches and ocean, while 1 celebrates the canyons Precious and coastal San Diego areas.

“We’re focusing on the mall,” she said. This is the busiest area where people will move from point A to B as they descend and collect.

Just east of the canyon area is a low point in the landscape with a stormwater management basin – a perfect location for the tidal area where visitors can experience the local plants and birds of San Diego and admire three large and colorful bird statues. Elevating 40 to fifty feet, and celebrating the Pacific Flyway for migratory birds, the birds are created by artist Walter Hood.

Travelers, both coming and going, often have anxieties and fears. Tarot’s focus is to make them as comfortable as possible. “All we can do intuitively to help passengers feel more comfortable while they reach their destination is our goal,” she said.

“We are working with Gensler Architects to create an intuitive directional design,” Teraot said. Some of the tools are road signs, lobbies and color-coded levels in the parking structure, lighting, clusters of trees as a focal point and a pattern of color and texture in the concrete flooring.

And for walking pets, there are three pet assistance areas in Terminal 1. “San Diego was one of the first airports in the state with pet assistance areas. Now you see them everywhere. It’s something we incorporated into the design in a holistic way that celebrates our mall concept,” he said. Tarot ‘.

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Project Management Consultants and Swinerton
Get to the extras in the Sorrento Gateway project

Project Management Consultants Ltd. (PMA) and Swinerton recently celebrated the construction of Sorrento Gateway at 4930 Directors Place, San Diego, a research facility and laboratory for Healthpeak Properties, a national health service REIT. It is expected to be delivered in January 2023.

The addition at Sorrento Gateway signifies that the ground construction of the 163,000-square-foot, five-story building has reached its highest height. The project will include a fitness center, indoor / outdoor cafe, restrooms, warehouses and 90,000 square feet of basement parking.

PMA provides project management services, in partnership with Swinerton as general contractor, for this and other Healthpeak projects throughout the San Diego area. PMA and Swinerton are collaborating with architect Delaware on this project. The addition celebration took place on April 6, and included leaders from Healthpeak, PMA, Swinerton, Delawie, KPFF, SME Steel and several other design, engineering and trading partners in the project.

Planet Based Foods announces launch of e-commerce platform

Planet Based Foods Global Inc., a San Diego-based sustainable food startup offering herbal-based meat alternatives, introduces for the first time the recently launched e-commerce platform that includes a selection of popular vegan options for purchasing Planet Based Foods.

The wide range of innovative products now appearing online, is powerfully worded using superfood hemp as the main ingredient, including the original burger, green chili burger, hot and mild hot dog patties for breakfast, the original crumble, the Italian sausage crumble and the variety package.

Units can be purchased through the Planet Based Foods website for $ 19 each plus $ 10 shipping, and they will be available nationwide.

San Diego’s BioMed Realty Company Acquires
Life Sciences Area in Seattle, Washington.

San Diego-based BioMed Realty, a provider of real estate solutions for the life sciences and technology industries, has announced the acquisition of Danny Park South in Seattle, Washington. And the industry’s leading technology and research institutions.The proposed development in an area of ​​616,000 square feet will provide additional option for potential and existing BioMed residents when they are looking for dedicated buildings to accommodate research.

“We now have the ability to double our footprint in the Seattle market and continue to invest in critical laboratory infrastructure for the mission needed to meet strong tenant demand as life sciences and technology companies grow and expand in the region,” said Tim Sean, CEO.

A record share of apartment buyers are moving apartment
When the country’s housing costs skyrocket

A record 32.3 percent of users nationwide wanted to move to another metro area in the first quarter, according to a new Redfin report, Real Estate Brokerage.

This is an increase from 31.5 percussion a year earlier and a significant increase from 26 percent in 2019, before the plague.

Sky-high apartment prices and rising mortgage rates have made the move to a cheaper area the only viable option for some potential home buyers. The share of homebuyers seeking to move to other areas of the country rose in mid-2020 when the plague took over, and has remained high ever since. The combination of last year’s low mortgage rates and long-distance work encouraged many Americans to move.

The steady rise in apartment prices – coupled with a rapid rise in mortgage rates, making monthly payments even higher – adds fuel to the fire this year. As more homebuyers move away from expensive coastal areas, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston, we are seeing early signs of a slowdown in the metro housing market.

My Lyford of West Health gets
American Association for Aging Award
Mine to part

Shelly Liford, chairman and CEO of San Diego-based West Health, a family of nonprofit organizations dedicated to lowering health care costs to improve aging in America, received the American Association for Aging Award (ASA) Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research , Management and advocacy related to aging.

The ASA Award was presented in New Orleans at the ASAS On Aging 2022 Conference, the largest annual conference on aging in the United States.

At West Health, Lyford facilitates a successful aging strategy, influential initiatives and grants that shape the aging policy and practice the development, adoption and expansion of new treatment models including geriatric emergency departments, senior dental clinics and PACE programs.

Under Lifford’s leadership over the past 15 years, the Gary and Mary West Foundation has provided more than 650 grants totaling nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to nonprofits that conduct research or provide direct care and services to the elderly, their families and caregivers.

The City of San Diego accepts requests
For a plan to improve the store front

The City of San Diego is receiving requests for a plan to improve its storefront (SIP). The city provides free professional design assistance and financial incentives to small business owners looking to make creative change and improve the appeal of their storefronts. In fiscal year 2021, SIP completed 18 projects across the city and provided $ 148,500 in incentives, while leveraging $ 235,400 in private funds.

Appropriate improvements Include repair, replacement or new applications of awnings, windows, doors, lighting, paint, landscaping, tiles or material and other decorative signs. Removal of security strips and compliance with the code for signage violations are also entitled to a discount.

For requests click here

Halozyme Therapeutics Purchase
Antares Pharma for $ 960 million

Halozyme Therapeutics, based in San Diego, will acquire New Jersey’s Antares Pharma in a $ 960 million deal. Halozyme will increase its drug delivery footprint through the acquisition, adding Antares’ injection products to its existing drug supply, currently licensed to Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squib.

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San Diego companies are Fortune’s 100 best companies

Fortune recently named San Diego’s Intuit and ServicesNow, as well as EDC Investors Bank of America and Scripps Health among the 100 best companies to work for in the United States in 2022. The companies are ranked using employee responses for trust, respect, reliability, fairness, Pride and fraternity.

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The Honest Kitchen wins $ 150 million
For ‘Human Grade’ Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen, a pet food maker in San Diego, has raised $ 150 million at VC to increase its production, marketing, product development and sustainability initiatives. The increase reflects a recent increase in demand for pet health retail products like Petco and Real Dog Box from San Diego.

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The start-up Mountain of Encinitas Activewear
Expands to 7 international locations

Encinitas’s active apparel company Vuori is expanding its brand internationally, driving the momentum of being one of the big start-ups in San Diego. Buyers in seven states including the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada will now have access to the Southern California apparel brand online and in stores.

The local company reported a $ 4 billion valuation last October following a $ 400 million investment by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. This was one of the largest investment rounds for a San Diego startup.

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