New York International Motor Show 2022: Car show returns to Javits Center in New York after two years

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – With a host of innovations and fresh new experiences, the New York 2022 Motor Show will open its doors to the public to drive the spring car sales season. The show opens to the public April 15-24 at the fully expanded Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

The New York Auto Show will feature innovative new displays from dozens of car companies including hundreds of new 2022 and 2023 models. Also for ’22, Show has a host of new engagements for the public including a multi-brand test track dedicated to electric vehicles, an all-new aftermarket vehicle experience and for the first time an Expo Mobility micro personal to showcase the latest innovations in ‘last mile’ electric transport.

“We’re back! In the last two years there has been so much change with exciting new products, technology and advances and we can not wait to once again present the best that the industry has to offer to potential car buyers throughout our region,” said Mark Sheinberg, President of the New York Motor Show.

The New York Auto Show will feature almost an entire level of the conference center dedicated to electric vehicles, charging solutions and consumer awareness programs. Also at Level 1 of the Javits Center, participants will be able to explore electric and 3-wheeled electric vehicles.

“Today, we see a future that is electric and the New York Auto Show is once again at the forefront of a process where potential car buyers come to understand, want, and ultimately purchase, amazing products that the automotive industry needs to offer,” Sheinberg said.

The new multi-brand experimental track of the EV EV exhibition will give consumers the opportunity to experience a wide range of electric vehicles on a ‘green’ themed track built to feel like a ride in the country. Professional drivers will demonstrate the many features of the vehicles, including fast acceleration, quiet driving and many high-tech features, while charging partners will emphasize the simplicity of owning an EV through a series of informative displays.

Participants will have the opportunity to drive a wide range of electric vehicles, including new models from Chevrolet, Kia, Nissan, Volvo and INDI start-ups from California and VinFast from Vietnam. In addition, Ford and Hyundai will incorporate EV test tracks in their own displays on the main display floor so consumers can go out for a ride with more power.

Long known as a public event attended by New York’s largest consumer, the show produces hundreds of millions of dollars The city’s economic impact and the state with the enthusiastic support of New York State Governor Kathy Hochul is a testament to the importance of the show.

“The great constant of the automotive industry’s history over the last 120 years is the New York Auto Show and the unique place as the country’s leading car marketing event. There is no other event that attracts so many potential car buyers or as much media attention there is. There is simply no other way to reach as consumers Many in such an experiential way, “John LaSorsa, New York Auto Show Chairman

The program is constantly growing and evolving, and by 2022 the long-awaited return as one of New York’s most iconic events.

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