New York is a city of hell – and a country, thanks to corrupt officials

Guarantee and reform are needed

New York, New York. A town to hell. What about a damn country?

corruption? Indictment? Campaign-funded fraud? Federal inspection? Accused of bribery, forgery of records? Arrested by the FBI? In terms of officials, are we not the biggest – or what?

Until yesterday, a politician, former developer, and former state senator Brian Benjamin who had just resigned sought to be re-elected our deputy governor. forget about it. Better yet, push him. The guy sculpted math. The story of his life should begin “Once upon a time there was a crime…”

Lawyer Stanley Schlein, who knows the actors, releases and maybe even a cage of Albanian mice, says: “He must know that this has happened in the past in the government. If you are corrupt, at least be intelligent. To be or not to be a crook is one thing. But to be stupid is immoral Forgive. “

So what’s up with this guy now, the name still on the ballot?

“Three options. It all starts with a ‘D.’ At the ballot box. “

To be sure, state professionals are in no hurry to lie to Brian about another appointment – like maybe turning him into a judge or something. Imagine a criminal telling him, “His Honor No. 4599756B…”

Is this the result politically – but legally? que pasa with our seemingly sticky finger on a former deputy governor legally? who knows? Maybe dinner with Cuomo.


While coil

Oscar’s only names remain busy. Cumberbatch does a thing by Roald Dahl called “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” “… Aunjanue’s captured a suspense series called” 61st Street “. Traitor Orchestra. Doesn’t sound like any Spielberg musical.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington will produce August Wilson’s play “The Piano Lesson.”
AP / Nell Redmond

JK Simmons is always on to something. I do not know what, but it certainly works more than Kamala. Nicole screened a sequel to “Aquaman.” . …. about Will Smith, who knows. Even he does not know. Maybe an advertisement for boxing gloves. . . Judy is doing “Alleluia”, a BBC film that was a play. . …. Denzel will produce August Wilson’s play “The Piano Lesson” for the big screen. Will Smith may even find time for training.


She’s a rose from Florida

JACQUELINE Bisset promoted her film “Lauren and Rose” at the Sarasota Film Festival, which I knew they had in general.

Her home phone did not work. Her cell phone did not answer. OK. So she calls me. “I live in a mall. The strong wind killed our current. Sometimes we have no lights, we have no hot water.” OK.

So where is her film shown? “There’s no place yet. It’s an indie. The director is a young filmmaker for the first time who has no distributor and he does not seem to be in a hurry to find one.” OK.

Jacqueline Bizet
Jacqueline Bizet is photographed during the graduation night of “Loren & Rose” as part of Sarcotta’s 24th Annual Film Festival on April 9, 2022.
Getty Images for Sarasota Film Festival)

And how did she manage to get through the plague? “I’m practical. I like to work. I work constantly. I made a film in French, fixing my roof, making a bench, replacing shingles, washing my car. I cook a lot. I’m confused.” OK.

And where does she keep her awards and honors? “England.” Since she’s English, I guess she has a home in England? “No. I just keep my stuff there.” OK.


THE COURT HALL AT UPSTATE. Prisoner: “I am 100% innocent.” Judge: “Do you have no witnesses in this case?” “Prisoner:” No. Who will take with you until you commit a robbery? “

Only in Albanian, children, only in Albanian.

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