On what to blow up your tax return in New York

Today, April 18, is the official deadline for filing taxes and getting a chance for serious refunds. The tax day was first introduced in 1913 after the 16th Amendment was ratified. This year’s holiday falls later than usual (taxes usually have to be filed by April 15) due to Emancipation Day in Washington.

And if you’re wondering how to blow up the last amount of money deposited into your bank account, see below for some exciting ideas!

Take a helicopter tour over New York

Unsplash through Riley Parabu

Take a private helicopter ride over the best city in the world and take in an aerial landscape like never before! See all your favorite landmarks like Yankee Stadium, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and more with your friendly and of course experienced pilot. Fly during the day, or see the city dazzling below if you are going on a night hike. Book your trip here!

Dine and Mass


Treat yourself to a sumptuous dining experience from Chef Mesa at one of the most expensive restaurants in New York! Offering upscale Japanese cuisine, you can choose from $ 750 per person Omakase or $ 950 per person Hinoki Counter Experience. Get satisfaction from the beautifully arranged plates as opposed to the simple design of the space to really emphasize the food and not the decor. Place your order here.

Slide your card down Fifth Avenue

Unsplash via Rémi Thorel

What better time to buy a brand new wardrobe than after a spring cleaning? As they say, out with the old, in with the new! Lay your things down Fifth Avenue and this time do more than just window shop. From Tiffany & Co. to the Apple Store flagship, there is no end to the amount of fun you can enjoy in one of the most famous retail segments in the country.

Sail around New York using a hot tub

Instagram / @seathecity

Sailing around the city’s waterways in a floating Jacuzzi thanks to the New York Jet Ski company Sea the City. The unique experience includes a 40-inch boat equipped with two bubbling Jacuzzis that hold up to eight people. The 90-minute ride is BYOB and makes for an unforgettable tourist trip suitable for the perfect photo shoot! Learn more here.


Although we all dream of an oil amount being deposited into our accounts after the country’s most frustrating holiday (tax day) – I mean seriously April, Easter with the in-laws was not frustrating enough for one month – it often happens that New Yorkers have high rents to pay and bills pile up To eat their tax returns.

So if you spend most of your consideration on the price of living in New York (which is so worth it), there are still a few things you can do to blow the money left on it, to feel like you’re living big in a big city.

Visit the Museum of Payment as you wish

Facebook / Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York has tons of amazing museums to explore. Fortunately, many offer unbeatable deals to residents of the Tri-Countries region to experience their wonderful exhibits. From the Met to the Brooklyn Museum, prices are suggested for general admission. Beyond pay-as-you-go deals, tons of venues offer free admission daily or on special days. See here 20 free museums across New York.

Order a slice of dollar

Shutterstock via rblfmr

Do not worry about the price tag, because when it comes to a dollar slice, the taste is not sacrificed! A favorite slice of dollars can be found in New York on almost every block in New York. And if you have only a little money, this is the perfect place for a meal.

Contact happy hour

The ultimate bucket list of happy hour
Unsplash via Drew Bimmer

Because we all love a good deal on drinks! Happy Hour is the perfect activity when you only have a few dollars available but you still want to enjoy time with friends and a refreshing cocktail. From $ 5 margaritas to $ 1 oysters, there are tons of bites and soft drinks that can be enjoyed well below their normal cost! See here our full list of New York City’s Happy Hour Deals.

Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

Cheap Broadway tickets
Facebook / WICKED The Musical

Admire the theater but do not like the high prices? Get a chance to see a respectable Broadway show at a fraction of the price with these tips and tricks:

  • Enter a program digital lottery
  • Take a look at less popular showtimes
  • Visit the TKTS booth

See more ways to win your dream cards here.

If you still need to submit, you have until the rest of the day to do so. Learn more about submission and if you are eligible to submit for free here.

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