San Diego destroys bicycles in homeless cleaning, riding Ojai honors the cross legend, and flying on two wheels

It’s so wrong in so many ways.

An outrageous video shows sanitation workers in San Diego cleaning a homeless camp – and unknowingly throwing a pair of bicycles in a garbage truck to crush them. Destroy what was probably someone’s only means of transportation.

Not to mention not checking if the bikes were stolen, or if anyone else could have used them.

Or given that even the homeless have to be somewhere. And should be allowed to maintain the meager property they have.

Thanks to Megan Lynch for the heads-up.

Photo by Mart Production from Pexels.


Ride in honor of the five-time U.S. Cross Champion and U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame member, Lawrence Malone, to mark the first anniversary of his death in a frontal car accident near Lancaster.


Who needs bumpers when your bike has a tail?


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bicycles just goes on.

The author of Very LA He’s clearly not a fan of LA’s Metro Bike app, describing it as “a copious fire of garbage that requires a lot of consistent human intervention to repair.” Thanks to Keith Johnson for the heads-up.


Palm Desert undertakes to purchase and install bicycle racks on request for up to 20 businesses.

A 37-year-old man in Burlingham suffered serious injuries when he was hit by a hit-and-run driver while riding, he heard of Santa Barbara’s Cochama Lake on Saturday.

There is a special place in hell for the armed thieves who hijacked the mountain bike group of Berkeley High School, and ordered three coaches and two students to get out of their minivan to steal the bike inside and in the back rack.

A 20-year-old man in Marin County faces an indictment for murder and hit and ran for jumping off the sidewalk with his jeep, killing a 33-year-old man walking on his bike on the sidewalk.


Kind of good news but not really, since California is only the sixth most dangerous state for cyclists on a per capita basis, after Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Delaware and South Carolina. Not exactly a good company we keep.

A columnist in Tucson AZ thanks the good Samaritans who came to his aid after a trail erred and “kissed the asphalt” that fell off his bike.

It’s more like it. A Texas man has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars for running and hitting a drunk who killed a 68-year-old woman while riding her bicycle through a crosswalk in a park with six other people.

A cyclist in Minneapolis discovers the risks of ignoring physical symptoms and not consulting a doctor, when his girlfriend takes him for a first medical examination in at least seven years, and discovers a rare form of thyroid cancer. As I have learned the hard way, cycling does not prevent you from experiencing serious medical problems, and can disguise symptoms that may otherwise indicate danger..

Kentucky roads are not kind to Afghan refugees, with at least three recently arriving from the country injured riding bicycles in the country; More than 200 Afghan refugees work with a non-profit resettlement group, which provides them with bicycles as their main form of transportation.

With that we share the path. A raging road driver in New Jersey is facing an indictment for attempted murder for persecuting a woman onto a lawn after she tried to take pictures of his car following a minor collision, and ran over her, then withdrew and did so again.

Electric bikes become the new SUV as parents drive their children to school and practice football on two, or sometimes three, wheels.

A kind-hearted Florida teacher bought a new bike for the school’s guardian after it was learned he rode 12 miles to work on a dilapidated old bike.


A professor at a Swedish university explains the problems caused by our current car hegemony, and lists the 12 best ways to get cars out of cities, including load pricing and replacing parking at the curbs for bike lanes. So why choose? Let’s just try them all, at once.

Contrary to the state’s efforts to promote cycling, a Spanish government ministry is calling for a compulsory liability insurance for electric cyclists, a proposal that one of the bike leaders blamed on the insurance company’s lobbying.

Terrible news from India, where a young woman hanged herself after her mother refused to buy her a bicycle.

An Australian development company is rightly grappling with spending nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to build a bike path facing the bay, only to rip off a large section to carry out land restoration beneath it – even though they knew it was necessary before the lane was built.

Competitive cycling

Twenty-nine-year-old Dutch cyclist Dylan van Burrell captured an unexpected victory in the Paris-Rifle classic on Sunday, finishing the 159-mile monument in 5 hours and 37 minutes to set a record speed of 28.4 mph. It came just six months after finishing outside the time limit in last year’s race edition that was postponed with a plague.

Wat Van Art was pleased with his second place in Paris-Rifle in his first race after a recent Covid-19 infection.

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl team manager Patrick Lefebvre was nervous following the Paris-Rifle, after spectators pushed two of his riders out of the race.

The surprising Olympic gold medalist and doctorate in mathematics Anna Kissenhofer is now engraved in part of her doctoral thesis as part of her racing bike.

Carson’s Velo Sports Center offers a full calendar of upcoming events. Thanks to LA Velodrome Racing for the tip.


Even bike cops are not safe from drunk drivers. Obviously Bambi is also trying to get us.

And with that we share the path.

Not to mention a pretty good example of instant karma in action.

Thanks to Ted Faber for the tweet.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and damn Putin, too.

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