SoCal Evening Briefing: April 15, 2022

Good evening, SoCal. We summarize the day for you in the most important stories you need to know and in your weather forecast.

Plan your weather

Cloud cover fills on Saturday morning when an area of ​​low pressure moves north. Most of the rain will miss us well north, but we will squeeze out a few light showers thanks to a deeper sea layer and a weak cold front.

The amounts of rain will be below one-tenth of an inch, except in mountains where slightly higher amounts may occur.

The cold front arrives on Saturday evening, which means it will remain partly cloudy to cloudy most of the day in the mountains and west of the coast. Wind gusts will mainly affect mountains and deserts, but also the coast.

Temperatures will be considerably cooler and below average for the most part.

Tomorrow’s highs

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Today’s great stories

1. Corona hospitalizations in Los Angeles County continue to decline, but cases are still rising

Even as COVID-19’s BA.2 patch sub-variance continues to spread, the number of hospital patients infected with the corona virus in Los Angeles County sank again on Friday.

According to state data, there were 228 COVID-positive patients in the district hospitals as of Friday, down from 239 the day before. Of those patients, 31 were treated in intensive care, down from 32 on Thursday.

The number of hospitals remained low in the county, despite a steady rise in COVID infection rates. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday that the county holds an average of more than 1,000 new COVID cases a day, up from an average of 878 the previous week.

The county reported 1,355 new cases on Friday.

The sub-version BA.2, a more infectious branch of the omicron variant that has caused an increase in winter in cases, is currently the dominant strain of the virus in the province, according to estimates it represents 67% of new infections.

2. More personal arrangements for Passover are expected

The eight-day celebration of Passover begins at sunset on Friday with more personal arrangements than in the past two years, with various communities and organizations organizing virtual arrangements in response to corona-related restrictions.

Community ceremonies will be held at 8pm Friday and Saturday at the JEM Community Center in Beverly Hills, with a gourmet Passover dinner, an original handmade matzah from a reserve and four glasses of kosher wine.

Passover marks the time between the Exodus from Egypt on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and the parting of the Red Sea seven days later, to allow the fleeing Israelites to go on vacation.

During the Seder, people drink four glasses of wine or grape juice, symbolizing the promises God made to the children of Israel, including redemption from bondage. Also, as part of the ceremony, a child traditionally asks the four questions of order, which means order.

The arrangement includes six symbolic dishes, including matzah, cracker-like matzah bread, symbolizing the Exodus from ancient Egypt when there was not enough time to let the bread rise.

While Passover ceremonies vary in different parts of the world, Jews are not traditionally allowed to eat or possess any food made from wheat, barley, rye, spelled or oats.

3. Corona cases in California have risen, but there are no plans to add restrictions

California has no plans to impose new restrictions on an epidemic across the state, despite an increase in Corona cases, largely because of the new high-transferable BA.2 Omicron variant, the state’s senior health official says.

California removed its mask mandate in mid-February, but the Los Angeles County has waited more than two weeks longer. And just two weeks ago the city of Los Angeles ended its mandate for many internal businesses and large outdoor event operators to make sure customers were vaccinated against COVID-19.

California continues to focus on encouraging people to get vaccinated and empowered, put on a mask if necessary and take other precautions to “make good and thoughtful personal decisions to protect themselves,” said Dr. Mark Galli, secretary of California Health and Human Services.

The BA.2 subdivision has in recent weeks become the dominant strain in the United States and California after having already spread rapidly in Europe and Asia. California continued to reassure precautions even as the threat of a new wave intensified.

4. A bird lands in an indie, launching a scooter program just in time for Coachella

Visitors to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will have a new option to get around this year.

Byrd brought 300 electronic scooters to Indio earlier this month, just in time for the 250,000 music lovers expected to perform back-to-back performances on weekends at the Empire Polo Club at Indio.

The scooters are accessible to riders aged 18 and over via the Bird app and can be ridden on streets, bike paths and bike paths but not on sidewalks. They cost $ 1 to unlock and 39 cents per minute to ride. Scooters will be available in various locations around the city upon request.

Festival viewers participate in the Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on Friday, April 15, 2022, in Indio, California (Photo: Amy Harris / Invision / AP)

5. False alarm! The USGS says the earthquake on Catalina Island has never occurred

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude 4.0 earthquake off the coast of Catalina Island on Friday, but later determined the quake had never occurred.

The USGS first reported the jumble at 9:48 a.m., saying it occurred 18 miles southwest of Avalon. More than a dozen people responded to the agency’s message “Did you feel it?” Pillar, and said they felt the storm.

The problem is that there was no earthquake. About an hour after the original report, the USGS ShakeAlert system reported that it “actually detected a non-earthquake incident that triggered our system”. The agency noted that such cases are rare.

“The ShakeAlert team is now making improvements based on what we learned from this incident,” according to USGS ShakeAlert.

Your comments for this weekend

  • President Joe Biden spends Easter weekend at Camp David
  • Saturday is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 16
  • The NBA playoffs begin Saturday
  • Invictus games start in the Netherlands on Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • The Pope holds the Sunday Mass of the Vatican in the Vatican on Sunday
  • National Book Mobility Day

In case you missed it

Michelle Yao returns to action with the role of life – or perhaps several periods of life, given the film’s premise – as a distressed mother in “Everything Everywhere at Once.”

Alongside her along the unique plot line are two Orange County-born brothers, Andy and Brian La. And their on-screen working relationship did not stop there, as the three of them continued to star together in the film “Shangchi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which Andy Le detailed to Spectrum News in August 2021.

Click the link above to learn more about the brothers.

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