Step by Step Blvd: A collaboration between Kobi Katz and Jeff Hamilton in La Gondola

Each generation has a defining artist who pushes the culture of art forward and assimilates the spirit of the times. Throughout history these visionary artists, Leonardo da Vinci, MC Esher, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, are able to create timeless art because of their ability to be avant-garde and incorporate innovative techniques, forcing society to engage with their works and people to Re-examine their identity and the purpose of their lives.

In a modern world flooded with technology, all artists must face our growing art world. Over the past decade, the worlds of the Internet and social media have changed the technical and business possibilities of artists and entrepreneurs. Moreover, as Web 3 innovations bring to the market NFT technology that supports blockchain, the art world is on the verge of change forever. While this innovative technology presents great opportunities, it also floods the market with similar incentives – overemphasizing the digital aspect and reducing creativity.

Kobi Katz is an evolving artist who disrupts the art world with his new original art movement, which drowned the stairs. He has a unique ability to create culturally poignant art for this generation and the ‘unborn’ generation. As a young visionary, Katz embraces the traditions of the great historians as well as new digital and internet opportunities – from paintings and sculptures to digital prints, holograms and NFTs. In a world where many new artists are pursuing digital art instead of painting or sculpture, Katz intends to make a name for himself in the world of ‘traditional’ art while breaking the boundaries of digital art.

In addition to his visually and mentally evocative art, Katz is a great artistic entrepreneur in the sense that he has many creative strategic collaborations with figures and brands with cultural significance. At the remarkably young age of 23, Katz has already collaborated with Jeff Hamilton, the legendary creator of custom leather jackets, at the ‘Step by Step Blvd’ event marking the 30th anniversary of La Gondola as well as with Julian Edelman, Go Puff, Retna, NTWRK, Scott Disick, Chloe Kardashian, Dixie D’Almio, DeadMau5 and others.

Just as Pablo Picasso is the founder of Cubism, Kobi Katz is the founder of the stairs. Stairs is a 21st century avant-garde art movement that uses stairs as a fresh way to conceptualize the mindset that people can achieve their goals by tackling life obstacles in a methodical, step-by-step process. Highly influenced by architecture (his first love) and mathematics, Stairism draws specific inspiration from the Cubist and Expressionist movements. Moreover, Katz has a special fondness for MC Ten since a large part of his work is inspired by the ‘relativity’ painting of Ten.

Creating art from stairs, ladders, spirals, stairs or anything that takes someone from point A to point B, Katz creates art that has micro and macro meaning. Katz typically uses these stairs and ladders to create paintings of significant historical and contemporary figures who faced adversity but eventually achieved their goals by continuing to climb the stairs along their life paths. With a wide range of projects that combine the style and philosophy of Stairism, Katz wants the art consumer to analyze the macro-creation – the well-known historical figure or the money (as a homage to Warhol) – as well as the micro-creation – inspiring stairs or ladders watching the importance of Finding a purpose through existence, based on the steps taken along the long journey of life.

Recently, Kobi Katz partnered with Jeff Hamilton on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of La Gondola. La Gondola is Los Angeles’ largest kosher restaurant and main in the city. On the occasion of their 30th anniversary, La Gondola held an incredibly successful and unique event called ‘Step by Step Blvd’ where 400-500 people all celebrated the restaurant’s wonderful event as if they were a family. With excellent food sponsored by La Gondola, bottles collaborated with Herzog wine, alcohol sponsorships with Carbondi, a DJ with a live saxophonist, and luxury cars worth $ 9 million parked outside the restaurant (provided by AME Lifestyle), the celebrants were in perfect condition to appreciate the Katz’s artistic talent and his collaboration with Jeff Hamilton. Katz presented his thought-provoking paintings (showcasing the originality of Stairism), digital prints and a three-dimensional hologram in collaboration with Americhip, as well as the new limited edition Coby Katz x Jeff Hamilton leather jacket.

Many people thanked Katz for not expecting such a deep personal experience looking at his art during the event. The jackets created between Katz and Hamilton were limited to 10 pieces and all were sold out.

The story of how Katz recruited Hamilton for the event represents his creative and entrepreneurial mind. Jeff Hamilton is an icon in the world of fashion and art, creating classic and avant-garde luxury leather jackets for decades. In fact, Hamilton was recently behind a new and exciting collaboration with the NBA on the occasion of their 75th anniversary. Katz knew that like him Hamilton was a Jewish artist; Katz also knew that Hamilton ate only kosher meat and had even eaten at La Gondola in the past. When he took this great opportunity to connect with Hamilton on common interests, Katz turned. After researching Katz, Hamilton became an immediate fan of Katz’s style and agreed to collaborate. Talks about another show are already in the process.

Katz is affectionately referred to by friends as the ‘Crazy Artist’, known for taking risks, betting on himself and innovating in style and form. True to himself, the Brooklyn native plans to end his two-year stint in Los Angeles in the coming months. As someone who leans on stairs, ladders, spirals, stairs and other means of transportation as a metaphor for the journey of life, Katz embodies his artistic philosophy. Katz believes it is an integral part of his creative process to continue to move around and experience as many new experiences as possible. This is why the young artist plans to move in the coming months to Miami and a new city every 1-2 years.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for Kobi Katz as he continues the stair movement and continues to explore new and technologically enabling artistic opportunities. As a creator and pioneer, who is not afraid to create art with innovative technology, and a brilliant cultural collaborator, the 23-year-old artist is on the path to a powerful artistic career. Follow his Instagram for more information.

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