The Bronx has the lowest breastfeeding rate in New York. A new PSA from Albert Einstein College hopes to reach the Bronx Mothers – Bronx Times

Hoping to dispel harmful myths and stigmas about breastfeeding, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine program hopes its new public service campaign can help boost post-hospital breastfeeding in the Bronx, where the city has the lowest rates.

The Bronx Healthy Start campaign highlights breastfeeding mothers and their various support systems including doulas, grandmothers, fathers, sisters and more, and infuses Bronx’s iconic landmarks and community gathering spaces. According to the University of Albany, only 43% of infants in New York State were exclusively breastfed while you were in the hospital and breastfeeding rates decreased after discharge from the hospital and over time.

Medical experts say breastfeeding can significantly reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, acute otitis media, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, asthma, allergies, lower respiratory tract infections, obesity, diabetes (types I and II) and dangerous diseases. Other lives for babies. There are also benefits for the mother that can reduce the likelihood of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

“Breastfeeding is important for mothers and babies but it has many barriers and challenges. The Bronx Healthy Start works to create awareness across the Bronx to break some common misconceptions and stigmas about breastfeeding,” said Alma Idhan, co-director of the Department of Family and Social Medicine at Bronx Healthy Start Partnership. “This campaign is designed to help protect and support breastfeeding people and ‘normalize’ breastfeeding as a choice for Bronx families.”

The Bronx continues to rank last in health outcomes – 62 out of 62 counties – in New York State, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s health report. Bronx Quarter, Vanessa Gibson.

On August 31, 2021, Gibson, then a member of the New York City Council, joined Justice for Childbirth advocates and health care leaders as it announced more than $ 400,000 in city council funding to fight high infant and maternal mortality rates in the Bronx.

Gibson has allocated $ 150,000 to Gotham Health, Morrisnia, to support a breastfeeding counseling program that provides low-income mothers with comprehensive breastfeeding services, and more than $ 200,000 to Bronx Health Link, Inc., for their doula programming. Both programs were funded this year with the goal of reducing poor health outcomes for mothers and children in the Bronx, as the Bronx continues to be one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the city.

Data show that New York State has a relatively high rate of maternal mortality relative to other states in the state, with 20.8 deaths per 100,000 people in 2018. In 2017, most pregnancy-related deaths in New York occurred in Brooklyn (33%) and the Bronx (29%).

The data also highlighted a significant racial gap with black women eight times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related complications as a result of a number of factors including: systemic racism and discrimination in the health industry; Comorbidities that may affect the health of the mother during childbirth; Access to treatment that confirms a patient from a culturally competent health care profession; And a huge number of other risk factors that can affect a disproportionate health of a colored woman.

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