The Los Angeles City Council is seeking to increase the sanitation staff to deal with illegal dumping

As part of a plan to address illegal street dumping across Los Angeles, the city council on Wednesday took steps to double the Sanitation Bureau from the number of staff responding to calls on the issue.

The council’s proposal, which passed 14-0, instructs the Sanitation Bureau to expedite a plan to deal with illegal dumping, including through the employment of 61 jobs, with some of the new employees added to staff guarding city sidewalks and public areas. Clean, sanitary, safe and accessible by disposing of abandoned debris.

The plan will be considered during budget talks in the coming weeks for fiscal year 2022-23, which will need to allocate $ 4.46 million for salaries and expenses and $ 10.7 million for a fleet of 25 collection vehicles to expand the cumbersome item collection program.

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