The Shopping Addict Guide: Signs That You Have a Problem

What is an Addiction?

Addictions are a serious mental disorder that can lead to many negative consequences. They can be caused by an addictive personality, a high-stress job, or by being in an environment where there is easy access to the addiction.

There are many types of addictions and they all have different causes. The most common type is shopping addiction which is caused by a combination of factors like stress, anxiety, or boredom. .While the list of possible addictions is long, here are some of the more common types:Sugar Addiction – A sugar addiction can cause significant weight gain over time and can increase risk for developing diabetes or heart disease. Sugar is mostly found in processed foods that don’t contain enough nutrients. This type of addiction may also be caused by genetics

One Final Word on What Makes a Shopping Addict…

We are all guilty of spending too much money on shopping once in a while. But there is a difference between the occasional splurge and becoming an addict. A shopaholic will buy something just because it is on sale, or when they have some spare time to kill. They will also go out of their way to buy things that they don’t need, but want.

There are nine signs you can look for to see if you are addicted to shopping:

1) You find yourself buying something new every day

2) You feel better after you buy something new

3) You spend your entire paycheck on clothes and shoes

4) You try to get discounts off the original price by using coupons or sales

5) You spend