What you need to know in SoCal April 15, 2022

Good morning, SoCal. Here’s what you need to know today.

Plan your weather

Aside from a few patches of marine layer clouds near the coast and basins early Friday morning, the sky will be sunny. Temperatures will start at 50 degrees near the coast and basins. There will be some 40 years in our inner valleys.

By afternoon there will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be in the range of up or two from yesterday’s highs.

The winds will continue to be stormy in the mountains and deserts, while on the beach there will be a cool sea breeze in the afternoon.

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Around SoCal

1. California Rejects Mandate for School Corona Virus Vaccine

California rejects Corona vaccine mandate for schoolchildren at least until summer 2023. Governor Gavin Newsum’s administration announced the change on Thursday.

California was the first state to declare that it would require all school students to receive the corona virus vaccine. But the mandate will not take effect until federal regulators give final approval for the vaccine to children. This has not happened yet.

California State Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Galli said school districts will need more time to implement the mandate once federal approval is obtained.

State officials say the mandate will not take place before July 1, 2023.

2. Research: Corona virus in Los Angeles County is more common than tests show

A new state study suggests that the number of Los Angeles County people infected with COVID-19 during the epidemic is far greater than the number approved by standard tests, mainly because people who never developed symptoms and therefore were never tested, or could not access tests, said the public health director Of the county, Barbara Ferrer, on Thursday.

The study, based on results of antibody tests performed on a control group, and then extrapolated across the general population, found that between May and June of last year, there were actually three times more adults infected with COVID-19 than the county reported based on approved test results.

Among children, the numbers were even more dramatic, indicating that five times as many children were actually infected than the tests confirmed.

Ferrer said the notable differences were due to deficiencies in the testing system. She noted that many people who may have been infected with the virus have never been tested because they have never had any disease or developed any symptoms. Access to tests was also sometimes restricted, which prevented people from getting their infections approved.

3. A sign in honor of Tom Lebong was unveiled in court in honor of the Colosseum

A plaque in honor of the late Los Angeles City Councilman, Tom LeBong, was unveiled Thursday in the Court in honor of the Freestyle Memorial at the Colosseum Memorial in Los Angeles. LaBonge died on January 7, 2021 at his home in Silver Lake at age 67.

“Tom was a cheerleader for Los Angeles,” said Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Superintendent. “He loved everything in this city. It is fitting that future generations should walk around in the legends of the court of honor, see this board and learn about the one and only Mr. Los Angeles.”

Levong was a longtime supporter of the Colosseum, where he worked for many years as a side photographer for NFL movies. He attended Colosseum committee meetings after leaving the city council due to priesthood restrictions and raised funds for plaques in the memorial court.

The Court of Honor honors people with ties to the Colosseum and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Stadium that has since been destroyed. The ceremony on Thursday included Han, as well as Superintendent Catherine Berger, Los Angeles Memorial Committee President George Wonder, former Raiders players Mike Haynes and Shelby Jordan, and Levong’s wife Brigid Levong.

Around the nation

1. Biden selects Michael Barr for the Fed’s Banking Regulation role

2. MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson 75 years after his debut

3. The FDA approves a first breath test for COVID-19

Only in Spectrum News 1

The race for Los Angeles: Candidates for mayor are sharing their vision for the city

Competition for the replacement of Eric Gracie as the next mayor of Los Angeles is heating up. Which candidate will get your vote?

This week, “SoCal in 17” brings you a special episode, featuring four of the top contenders.

They shared their positions on everything from homelessness to traffic, with host Alex Cohen at the forum sponsored by the Los Angeles Business Council.

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SoCal snapshot

Samantha Medina, 6, holds a drawing of herself and Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner as the players warm up before the team’s home opening game against the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday. She stands with Crystal State on the left and with Philip Media on the right. (AP Photo / Ashley Landis)

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