Where to see the cherry blossoms in New York with the kids and family

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Where to see the cherry blossoms in New York

Spring is always a huge welcome in the city, and in some ways, as the cheerful bloom begins to pop up around the city, it becomes a bit of an atmosphere here. Parents plan the places they will visit with the kids so they can enjoy the beauty and the day. Some even take their holiday cards with these beauties.

Although we know the best places to see the cherry blossoms, we will admit that this is the perception of the trees at their peak of flowering. Like the fall foliage season, tracking is part of the fun; We highly recommend checking out Parks in New York.

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Riverside Park

This park on the waterfront is a beautiful place for a walk that the kids will love. The park has a four-mile trail along the Hudson River that is perfect for admiring the cherry blossoms. You can find Kwanzan and Krabafel trees blooming side by side and it really is a beautiful sight right in our city!

Washington Square Park

Spring is the perfect time to visit this busy but memorable park. They have beautiful cherry blossom trees Yoshino and Kwanzan that are perfect to sit under and admire the scenery and atmosphere that come with the comfort of the park. Take a nice walk under the blooming petals, or take some time for yourself on a park bench, either way, the family is sure to really enjoy this iconic park.

Sakura Park

Located in Manhattan, this park is named after the 2,000 cherry trees that were delivered to parks in New York from Japan as early as 1912. Sakura actually means “cherry blossom” in Japanese, which is appropriate for the many cherry trees displayed at this location. The park is on a smaller scale, but in the spring season, Yoshino trees make this place a must-see site!

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Do not forget the comfortable shoes as there are lots of activities offered in this park. Of course the cherry blossom trees are a must-see site! The park attracts visitors with the long and winding paths shaded by these beautiful trees. Celebrate the season by visiting the park in full bloom, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

Union Square Park

Union Square is another park that has a beautiful display of cherry blossom trees. They have some Kwenzen cherry trees and plenty of park benches that you can sit under the colorful petals and enjoy their bloom! While it tends to be crowded on weekends, but the breathtaking colors and space are worth it!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

With the spring season comes a bloom of different flowers and trees! The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of the most important places to visit the cherry blossom trees. BBG has a variety of different cherry blossoms like ‘Acbono’, ‘Pink Cloud’, ‘Snow Goose’ and many more, that are currently in bloom! Check out their website to see their cherry clock where you can follow the progress of the daily cherry blossom season!

Queens Botanical Garden

It is amazing to see how much the Queens Botanical Garden has evolved since 1939 when it was only a five-acre garden. Now, they have diverse displays of all kinds of flowers and beautiful cherry blossoms. Located in Flushing, take your family or bring a friend and take a walk in the gardens that are worth so much admiration! Take a look at their website to see a map of where all their different flowers and gardens are, especially the cherry circle where you can find their cherry blossoms!

Snog Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden

It is not just a park, but a place with history, architecture, agriculture, arts, gardens and much more! Visit the uniquely done New York Chinese Scholar Garden to reflect an authentic classic outdoor Chinese garden. They have beautiful buildings, paths and art to admire as well as a cherry blossom that adds to the beauty of the area. Be sure to go online and place an order to visit the breathtaking view!

Randall Island Park

Randall Island Park is a great place to celebrate the blossoming of the cherry blossom trees! They have a cherry blossom festival every year where people can participate in activities like making paper flowers, flying kits, crafts, origami and much more! This is the perfect place to admire the beauty of the cherry blossom trees while spending an unforgettable day with friends and family!

New York Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden is a great location to admire cherry trees as they have more than 200 of them planted across their landscape. Walk along the path in the cherry collection to enjoy these cherry trees in full bloom. You can go online to keep track of their cherry trees and see which ones are in full bloom and who are approaching this condition.

central Park

Every year, hundreds of people come to Central Park to see the cherry blossoms at their peak. Because the season is short-lived, it is important to catch them before the delicate petals fall to the ground. There are two main species of cherry trees in this park. Central Park is home to Kwanzan’s cherry tree, also known as the Japanese cherry. They are commonly seen in Japan, Korea and China and grow to a height of about 25 to 30 feet. They also have hybrid yoshino cherry trees that can grow up to 35 to 45 feet tall. You will find that they are both worth the trip to the park!

Greenwood Cemetery

This range of 478 acres contains the highest concentration of cherry blossoms, making it a beautiful place to admire and appreciate the beauty of the trees. On April 20, they have the Hanami Festival where you can celebrate spring and the beauty that comes with the season! Check online to get tickets and then hike the trails to see Greenwood’s colorful and diverse cherry blossom collection!

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